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    Tuesday, December 18, 2018-Deputy President William Ruto’s attack dog and Sports Cabinet Secretary, Rashid Achesa, was lectured like a baby by President Uhuru Kenyatta infront of ODM leader Raila Odinga.

    Achesa is one of Ruto’s allies who have been going r0und abusing Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as 2022 politics get hot.

    Looking at Uhuru’s facial expression, he was clearly not happy with Achesa.

    He lectured him like a toddler as Raila looked on.

    See photos.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Tuesday, December 18, 2018-A section of Kenyans roasted Bungoma Senator, Moses Wetangula, after a photo of him having fun with slay queens emerged.

    In the photo, Weta is seen gulping tusker while enjoying the company of some beauties.

    Kenyans made all manner of jokes after spotting the photo, with some warning him that if his Kikuyu wife Waceke  sees the photo, he will  receive a thorough beating.

    Sometime back, Wetangula reported  an assault case at Karen police station and revealed  that his wife has been battering him, something that caught Kenyans by surprise.

    See this photo of Weta and the  bevy of beauties

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Tuesday, December 18, 2018-The person who trains Judy Anyango  must be a strong man or perhaps he gets a chance to lick her  honey pot.

     The struggling socialite and high end hooker leaves little to imagination when she hits the gym.

    She rocks tight pants that give the best view of her extremely big derriere.

    Here are some photos of the curvy socialite from the lake-side displaying her assets in the gym.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    A woman's respect is pegged on two things: Your ability to lay pipe well and the amount of money in your bank. If you have money and you can plumb like a skinny nigga in a clothe's stall and you can make it rain like a drug lord, you are safe.

    A good plumber is especially a jailer of men emotionally vulnerable women, who can't summon enough courage to get off the dickmatization. Rich men are a trap of materialistic women who believe crying in a range is better than being rained on in a boda boda but happy.

    There is a third thing that can make a woman respect her man. Love. But this is increasingly becoming rare. To find a woman who can love you as an average bloke is extremely rare lately. This heavily depends on how you conduct yourself. If you are a good guy, who goes home early, eats her food, provides what you can. You stray a bit, and she strays. Often.

    I write this, as I think of Jamal, the slain KTN actor. The nature of the stabbing to me reeks of utter contempt and hatred. What kind of contempt can drive someone to kill her lover?

    It is said that Jamal was asking her why she was being bought drinks by men.

    It is sad. I have said, going with your woman to a bar is never a wise thing. Women in bars is never a good thing. Call me what you want, but this is my God-given opinion.

    By no stretch, am I saying that women who go to bars are immoral or loose, or women should not have fun. I have no such powers. What I am saying, and I am talking to men, is that it is never a good idea to go with your woman in the club.

    We can conduct a social experiment for anyone who doubts me.

    Most women in clubs are always staring at the men in the next table. Partly because, their foolish men are on their stupid phones, and partly because women want attention and any man who shows them attention, is good sport. Besides, women in cities are wired with a spirit of adventure. I can't disclose what my escapades have taught me, but after 12 years of social experimentation, the safest bet any man can do when looking for a long time partner is to land a woman who hates loud music and the smell of alcohol. Or those who have cultivated a sense of maturity to go a to a decent quiet bar, enjoy a glass or two wine and goes home y latest 9 p.m. This is something that we cannot be democratic about. So it is a choice as a man you have to make.

    In an alcoholic zone, people are not themselves.

    Two instances. And we can choose to view them in isolation, as an exception, and not the norm, but hey.

    Mid-last year, I ended up in some graduation party in Syokimau. I don't remember who took me there or how I ended up there. But it was one of this big houses, with good food and liquor in store. The brother to the host had graduated with some Masters, and the crowd was a bit mature.

    Now, there was this MC, quite a skinny, loud dude, with a dry sense of humour, so dry he will make MC Jessy sound like, well, MC Jessy.

    He kept drinking anything on the table and we all feared that it was a matter of time before he chewed. And within a short 47 minutes, he had chewed.

    Now, he had a hot girlfriend. Not immediately beautiful, but to a discerning eye, she had this hot, virginal, village-raised bodies that any hetero-male who a taste for challenge, Imenti style, would love to devour.

    Some scientist in Cambridge have not discovered it yet, men descended from vultures and hyenas more than they descended from monkeys. Because our scavenging abilities are legendary. All of sudden, men were circling around the girl like vultures circling a dead calf in a famished desert.

    The girl exuded that provincial vulnerability that could not match the sleek nature and ways of the city fuckboys. I got distracted, forgot about her, and a moment later, I found her in the balcony in a very compromising position with some bully.

    I went back and now the boyfriend was throwing up everything he had eaten in the last 72 hours, and the house was smelling horrible and his closest male friend had to pick after him. And I have never seen a girl more humiliated. The bully might have had his way because he left soon afterward. When people start puking on carpets, you leave. But the few vultures who hang around (I stuck there because I needed some means out of the place). Moments later, I ran into the girl in parking exchanging every type of kiss. Beware of this innocent looking women.


    A few weeks ago, I shared a similar story in my Nairobian column. Of a party, I attended in Lang'ata. The host had thrown one of those parties where the food and drink are enough. And I am not talking about the stupid whiskey that burns and char your tongue like nonsense.

    Long story short, the host got a bit too tipsy and the things I saw men do to the wife/girlfriend didn't impress me much.

    Because it takes a lot of discipline on the part of the woman to resist the charm of a drunken man if she is drunk herself. Alcohol impairs one's judgment. Alcohol brings the worst in us.

    If you are prick, alcohol makes a prick ten times. If you dharau your wife/girlfriend, or boyfriend/girlfriend, when drunk you get a license to dharau them properly.

    Married people who do bad things when drunk, boils down to the level of contempt they have to their spouse. from harmless flirtation to socket dancing, to kissing to the actual act, it all boils down to the amount of respect you have for your spouse.

    If there is no respect, like for men, you will go home at 5, your breath rank with cheap whiskey odour, and your shirt full of lipsticks and you will not care less.

    For a woman, she will do anything to denigrate the man. And when contempt is mixed with hatred, stabbing becomes easy.

    Wacha nirudi kusikiza Culture...Black Man King

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Tuesday, December 18, 2018-Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti, has requested the court to conduct a public inquest on the death of the late Nyeri Governor, Wahome Gakuru, who perished in a tragic road accident last year.

    Kinoti addressed a letter to Nyeri Chief Magistrate and said the decision was reached following a directive from the office of Director of Public Prosecutions, Noordin Haji.

    The late Wahome Gakuru’s family through their spokesperson Waruru Ndegwa, questioned the delay by police to conduct investigation on Gakuru’s death and added that they believe he was assassinated.

    This guy also believes the late Governor  who was one on the best brains from Mt Kenya was assassinated.

    He came up with a  theory on why someone wanted him dead.

    Read what he posted and tell us what you think.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Why Church Goers Become Poorer While Pastors Become Richer* Pastors to buy Uchumi land worth 2.8billion.

    I have said time without number that a Kenyan Christian is the greatest idiot in the whole world. I have also repeatedly indicated that if the son of man comes back today, the only Christians who may go to heaven are innocent children.

    In ancient days of Christianity in Kenya, the church was at the forefront of development in the society. During those good days, it was the church that built schools, vocational skills acquisition centres, promoted farming activities in farms, among others.

    During those days, Christians truly worshiped God. The church offered scholarships, gave free learning materials including books, teaching aids, paid teachers, gave food, shelter and clothing to the needy. Notwithstanding that the primary theme of sermons was anchored on preparing the man, for the life after death, it was incumbent upon the church to try its best and ensure that each member who dared set foot in the house of God lived a good life as he prepared for life after death.

    Back in those days, the satisfaction of the church was the welfare and the well-being of its members. The success of the church was measured through the number of lives touched for instance, the number of people that renounced the devil, turned over a new leaf by giving their lives to Christ. As a result, the church offered safe haven for humans in various distress situations such as those in need of food, accommodation, clothing, financial relief, cure of debilitating diseases such as mental disorders and leprosy among several others.

    As the church ministered to the needs of its members, their lives got better and as a result of good health, they brought the proceeds of the work of their hands in form of offerings and tithe to the house of God during church service on Sunday, harvest and thanksgiving ceremonies. Subsequently, more schools, orphanages, hospitals and maternity homes were built.

    Also, scholarships to higher levels of learning were awarded because the house of God indeed became the house of plenty. Pastors saved money for various social development projects because they lived modest lives behind the church in the church compound, bicycled, and worked hard in their own farms. A perfect example of storing up treasures in heaven as the holy Bible recommends. Those were the good old holy days.

    Fast forward:

    Fast-forward to these cursed modern days of the devil, pastors have become conmen. The church has become the largest terrorist organization. It is members who minister to the needs of the church and its pastor. I hear that nowadays some own private jets funded by poor Christians some of whom, have never even seen a common chopper with their naked eyes.
    They sacrifice their hard-earned coins to buy flashy car for pastor, fund sermon broadcasts on television and other chain of businesses including schools and hospitals. In facts, they are reminded everyday by their pastors that blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.

    People forget that Jesus was a simple man. Since he started preaching, he never asked anyone to give anything in return for a miracle done. Jesus trekked all his life. He owned no donkey as a means of transport. In fact, the son of man mounted a donkey once when he was about to die in the cross. If these Kenyan conmen in the name of pastors claim they are emulating Jesus and following his teachings, why are they stealing from the needy whom they are supposed to care for?

    In a bid to please “God” and get the blessings, church goers squeeze themselves dry so as to fund various projects in the house of God. But surprisingly, their situation remains the same. The more they give, the poorer they become and the richer the pastor becomes.

    Today’s church is an epitome of modernity. Churches are fully equipped with state-of-the-art air-conditioned and imposing edifices. At every corner, evolutionary cameras with complete klieg lights are mounted for live broadcast from the pulpit. Sadly, the entire establishment is ravaged by poverty. Regrettably, no discerning Kenyan questions this paradox by asking the pertinent question, why has the modern church abandoned the social service that the old church used so effectively to warm itself into the hearts of many?

    The programmes of a true church that worship the living God are supposed to be geared towards alleviating the problems of the poor church members. Churches are supposed to visit prisons, hospitals, charity homes and donate. They should identify poor members of the church and lend a helping hand. Instead, the church in Kenya appears to be on a mission to grab and steal from its members.

    The church of today has neglected its members. It has abandoned the noble role of taking care of the weak in the society. Churches have become the key players in doing business.

    Most of the private universities and hospitals here in Kenya are owned by well established churches. Sadly, they charge fees that are far beyond the means of their ordinary poor members who sarcastically, contributed to the establishment of the same institutions. The fees charged can only be afforded by the rich. The ordinary church members, who helped in establishing the facilities by donating cash, building materials, labour and even by praying and fasting, for the schools and hospitals, cannot afford to take their children to learn there or treat their sick ones.

    Long story short, Christians in Kenya must wake up from spiritual sleep and say enough is enough. They should not allow conmen in the name of men of God, to steal from them in exchange of blessings. If you must give, just give what the Holy book requires of you, an offering. If your needs are too much, please don’t give pastor and starve your children, God will punish you. Don’t give everything – including your rent and the school fees of your children – just to make your pastor happy. God created you and he understands your needs. Besides preaching, every pastor must have a job where he gets his daily bread from. If your pastor does not have a job and depends on you for survival, that is a conman who should be chased to the very last gate of hell and burn there. Remind him that even Jesus was a carpenter. He was helping his father Joseph when free.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday, December 19, 2018-Uhuru Kenyatta’s former spanner-boy, Dennis Itumbi, has been following Jacque Maribe like a fly, despite the controversial TV screen-siren dumping him for notorious city woman eater, Joseph Irungu alias Jowie.

    Many people thought that Maribe was done with Jowie after he landed her in trouble but things took an interesting turn on Tuesday, when they hugged tightly and embraced each other in court during the hearing of a murder case where they are accused of murdering late businesswoman Monica Kimani.

    Maribe’s hug with Jowie left Itumbi high and dry.

    Kenyans have been mocking Itumbi after the  photo of Jacque Maribe hugging with Jowie went viral.

     This lady reveals why Itumbi will never win Jacque Maribe’s heart.

    Men, read this post and learn lessons.


    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday, December 19, 2018- The new police uniform has divided opinion among Kenyans and it appears even some police officers are not looking forward to wear the royal blue regalia.

    Celebrity cop Emma Wanjiru has voiced her disgust at the new look uniform after she took to Instagram to rejoice following the news that police may wait longer to get the new uniform due to shortage of the fabric and in-fighting between tender-preneurs keen to make a killing from its  supply.

     “I was looking forward to wear[sic] the new uniform this Christmas but wait who am I kidding .” She joked sarcastically over the news of the delayed roll out of the uniform.

    When President Uhuru unveiled the uniforms in September, the cop also took to Instagram to express her reservations.

    She wrote: “Uuuummmm isorait. Change is inevitable. Nitajikaza tu #borauhai.”

    Check out some of her photos rocking the eye-friendly uniform before they are faced out.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    Wednesday, December 19, 2018-It was pomp and colour inside Royal Media Services newsroom as Citizen TV team led by Editorial Director Joe Ageyo and Director of Innovation and Strategy Linus Kaikai, held a surprise birthday party for murder suspect, Jacque Maribe.

    Mr Kaikai pranked Maribe by informing her that there was a work-related letter she was supposed to sign at 4PM  on Tuesday.

    The embattled screen-siren who is out on bond arrived in the newsroom at around 3PM after she attended a court session, ready to attend the editorial meeting and sign the letter.

    When Maribe took her seat in the newsroom, Kaikai, Ageyo and Swahili Managing Director Jamila Mohamed emerged from the blues carrying a birthday cake.

    Jacque Maribe’s colleagues at Citizen TV joined their bosses in singing her a birthday song and cut the cake.

    Maribe couldn’t hide her joy after she was treated to the  surprise birthday party.

    Here are the photos.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday December 19, 2018-One of the suspects in the gruesome murder of Rongo University student, Sharon Otieno, is now seeking court’s intervention to help him get urgent medical attention.

    This is after his lungs collapsed while in prison, something that is taking a toll on him and is growing weak by the day.

    In a letter to the President of Court of Appeal, William Ouko, Caspal Ojwang’ revealed that his lungs had collapsed and that he might die if he will not get urgent treatment.

    “I have been left at the mercy of nature wherein I continue to wilt, deteriorate and die a slow and painful death,” Caspal letter to Ouko reads.

    “My condition is worsening every day, please help me,” he added.

    Ojwang’s condition was confirmed by prison authorities who referred him to Kenyatta National Hospital after his health failed to improve.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday, December 19, 2018-Citizen TV journalist, Jacque Maribe, may be planning to venture into politics and vie for a seat in 2022, according to latest developments.

    Sources close to the embattled TV journalist, who is one of the main suspects in the murder of the late businesswoman Monica Kimani, revealed to a local daily that she is planning to vie for Murang’a Women Rep seat in 2022.

    On Tuesday, she hosted women from Murang’a at a restaurant in Kilimani during her birthday party to cement a strong relationship with them.

    Jacque comes from Murang’a County and the seat she wants to vie for in 2022 is currently occupied by Sabina Chege.

    When reached for a comment, Maribe said,”It is something I would be interested in when the time is right”.

    The controversial TV journalist has a number of  high ranking politicians as close friends including Deputy President William Ruto, Gatundu South Mp, Moses Kuria, Nairobi Senator, Johnson Sakaja and Jubilee Vice Chairman , David Murathe.

    Here’s a  video of the party held  at a restaurant in Kilimani where she hosted Women from Murang’a.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday, December 19, 2018- Just over two weeks after playing out a 4-2 thriller, North London rivals Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur face off again at the Emirates Stadium tonight in the quarter-finals of the EFL Cup.Go Here.

    The Gunners are bidding for their first trophy under Unai Emery while Spurs are also chasing their first piece of silverware in Mauricio Pochettino’s reign.

    This will be the 184th edition of the North London derby, and Arsenal lead the overall record with 77 wins to Tottenham's 57.Go Here.

    Tottenham have not won at the Emirates since 2010 and in this competition Spurs have only ever won three of the 13 meetings.

    However, there are a lot of variables for this contest which make it hard to predict.

    Will both managers field their best available 11?

    How badly will either defence be affected by their injuries?Go Here.

    Arsenal are coming off the back of a defeat which exposed some of their flaws, and Spurs have the players capable of pulling off their first away derby win in eight years.

    This could go either way but one thing is sure as the sun rising from the east-both teams will find the back of the net.Go Here.

    Check out more tips below.

    FWC (18:30) KASHIMA ANTLERS v REAL MADRID – 2 and over 2.5

    CYC (19:00) APOEL v AYIA NAPA-1

    FR1 (19:45) AMIENS v OLYMPIQUE LYON -2Go Here.




    ENL (22:45) CHELSEA v BOURNEMOUTH-1Go Here.


    NLC (21:45) RODA JC v AMSTERDAM-2

    FR1 (22:05) O. MARSEILLE v STRASBOURG -1

    FR1(22:05) NICE v  GUINGAMP-1

    PTC(21:30) CDC MONTALEGRE v  BENFICA -2Go Here.

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    Wednesday, December 19, 2018-Instead of this shameless and lazy MCA representing the people who elected her in the chambers, she was deep in slumberland.

    She is just enjoying public money and feeding her fat body, waiting for the 5 year term  to end and go back to electorates with lies.

    Check out this photo that is trending in the interwebs.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday December 19, 2018-Deputy President William Ruto is without doubt one of the successful politicians in Kenya today.

    Apart from being as astute politician, Ruto is a wealthy businessman with interests in various sectors of the economy.

    His rise from a roadside chicken seller to a multi-billionaire that he is today after only a few years has attracted the attention of the public.

    Ruto’s controversial acquisition of immense wealth has even left the EACC, DCI and DPP baffled with some Opposition legislators calling for him to be probed.

    However, what is more disturbing is Ruto’s interest in the lucrative tender to supply new police uniforms, a tender that has set him against Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi.

    Speaking yesterday without naming Ruto directly, Matiangi revealed that a certain politician wanted in on the multi-billion tender to import new police uniforms at the expense of local textile industries but vowed that will not happen under his watch.

    “Listen to me very carefully.”

    “We will not import police uniforms, go and write another 10 headlines.”

    “We will not import police uniforms from any country.”

    “We have to promote the local textile industry,” stated Matiangi.

    It was reported that Ruto asked the CS to award the tender to his people after it was reported that the National Youth Service (NYS) ran out of the required fabric.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday December 19, 2018-Self proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) general, Miguna Miguna, has been accused of impregnating a university girl and paying her Sh 100,000 to procure abortion.

    In a story that was being aired at Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) Whats App group, Miguna Miguna is said to have sought services of this girl when he was vying for Nairobi gubernatorial seat.

    Miguna was exposed after he attacked Kenyans who castigated the Judiciary for failing President Uhuru Kenyatta on the ongoing purge against graft.

    Those attacking the @JUDICIARYKENYA while at the same time cheering despots who have turned Kenya into their private estate are both dishonest and NOT interested in the rule of law, democracy and constitutionalism. Let's LIBERATE Kenya, first, from Cabal capture! #failedjudiciary,” Miguna wrote.

    However, Miguna’s tweet received a backlash from Kenyans who said Miguna should be the last person to talk about liberation since he forced a university girl to procure an abortion and paid her Sh 100,000.

    You're the last person who should be lecturing Kenyans on liberation while-as you forced a university student to procure an abortion and paid 100k for it. You thought these things won't come back to haunt you? Liberate yourself first!”Mwangi Muthiora wrote on his twitter timeline.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday December 19, 2018-The war between Deputy President William Ruto and Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi, over the lucrative tender to supply new police uniforms has spilled over to the public after months of silent wrangles.

    Ruto reportedly asked Matiangi to award the multi-billion tender to other people after it was reported that the National Youth Service (NYS) ran out of the required fabric to make the new police uniforms.

    It is said the DP wanted to use other people to land the lucrative tender that would have added few more billions into his pocket at the expense of local textile industries.

    This comes even as President Uhuru Kenyatta during the unveiling of the gears by the police, instructed the Ministry of Interior to make sure they source the materials locally.

    However, speaking at Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Matiangi firmly stated that the uniforms would be made by NYS and thus removing the juicy morsel from Ruto’s mouth.

    The CS vowed to crush all cartels in his ministry regardless of who they are and what positions they hold in Government or society.

     “Listen to me very carefully.”

    “We will not import police uniforms, go and write another 10 headlines.”

    “We will not import police uniforms from any country.”

    “We have to promote the local textile industry,” said Matiangi.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday, December 19, 2018-When you step into Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, what welcomes you is heaps of garbage, rowdy hawkers and traffic jams.

     It’s  without a doubt that the once beautiful and well organized  city  is in a mess despite Sonko promising to put things in order  within the first 90 days in office.

    A Kenyan toured Namibia’s capital Windhoek and he was surprised to see how the city is well organized.

    No traffic jams, rowdy hawkers and garbage like we see in Nairobi.

    Check out these photos that he shared.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday December 19, 2018-According to a recent global survey conducted by Transparency International, Kenya’s Judiciary is one of the most corrupt Judiciaries in Africa.

    Though Chief Justice, David Maraga, has been claiming the report is a witch hunt, Transparency International says more than 80 percent of Judges and Magistrates in Kenya are corrupt.

    To put Maraga to shame United States's Criminal Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) are investigating a senior High Court Judge in Kenya in relations to drug trafficking offences.

    Last month, CIA and FBI wrote to the Kenya Government asking for extradition of High Court Judge ,Enoch Chacha Mwita, over link to the Akasha brothers who are being charged in US with  drug trafficking offences.

    Others who are being investigated over drug trafficking related offences include Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala, Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi, Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi and Mombasa County Speaker Aharub Ibrahim Khatri.

    Ibrahim Khatri is a close ally of Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday December 19, 2018-Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has confessed to being Deputy President William Ruto’s protégé, having picked her from the market hawking bed sheets to making her the Senator that she is today.

    Addressing the end year party for Pitchface, a company owned by South Mugirango MP, Sylvanus Osoro, Omanga recounted the events leading to her surprise job at KenGen that changed her fortuneforever.

    According to Millicent, former Energy Minister, Davis Chirchir, a very close ally of Ruto, called her as she was going about her business and informed her that she had been picked as one of the KenGen directors and should attend the AGM the following day.

    "When my appointment came, I had bought 30 bed sheets which I was going to sell.”

    "I was at Kings Collections shop trying to bargain with the Indian seller so that I could make some profit," Omanga narrated.

    And to cement their friendship, Ruto nominated her to the Senate after she lost in the Jubilee Party primaries to Rachel Shebesh.

    "I dare say the person who is behind my success today is none other than William Samoei Ruto," a seemingly grateful Omanga declared.

    Omanga had worked with Ruto's defunct party, United Republican Party (URP), before.

    Watch the video below;-

    The Link>>>

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Wednesday December 19, 2018-Embattled Deputy Chief Justice, Philomena Mwilu, has protested the appointment of Queen’s Counsel Khawar Qureshi to represent the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Noordin Haji in her case.

    According to Mwilu through her lawyer, James Orengo, Attorney General, Paul Kihara Kariuki, unlawfully appointed a foreign lawyer to represent the State in a Kenyan court.

    “Whereas Section 11 of the Advocates Act empowers the Attorney-General with the authority and discretion to appoint a foreign advocate, the said powers should be exercised in compliance with all laws for the time being applicable in Kenya,” Orengo said.

    “By purporting to exclude Prof Qureshi from strict statutory qualification conditions applicable to other advocates practising in Kenya, the AG acted discriminatorily in abuse of power and discretion.” Orengo added.

    Mwilu further stated that Prof Qureshi does not even have a work permit to enable him to work in the country, adding that his exclusion from the relevant procedure is not justifiable in a free and democratic society, so his appointment is unconstitutional.

    Mwilu faces 13 charges relating to cash allegedly received from Imperial Bank, which is now under receivership.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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