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    Friday December 28, 2018-Detectives from Criminal Investigations Department (DCI) have finally arrested a man, who posted an obscene video of Wajir Women Representative, Fatuma Gedi, having sex with unidentified man.

    The video, which went viral in a matter of hours, has generated a political storm in North Eastern Kenya, with many questioning the moral conduct of Gedi.

    But on Thursday, DCI officers using an advance Internet Address Protocol (IP) tracing machine arrested the man who is behind the raunchy video.

    Douglas Baya , who is Tuko news editor, was arrested in Kakamega where he was enjoying his Christmas Holiday.

    Baya was reportedly paid Sh 2 million in order to edit the fake video that exposed Ms Gedi.

    The video was trending for a couple of weeks on social media despite being refuted as fake.

    In a statement on Sunday, Gedi said the video was being peddled by her political rivals who wanted to portray her as a woman of low morals.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018- Being friend zoned is the worst thing that can ever happen to any man or woman.

     You wouldn’t wish it even on your worst enemy.

    While it is men who have been vocal about this dreaded friend zone, it appears even ladies are complaining about the same.

    This Slay queen seems to have had enough and decided to address the issue and she is not mincing her words.

    Watch the video below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-There  was drama at Nakuru Law Courts on Thursday when Reuben Kiborek, the personal assistant to Water Cabinet Secretary, Simon Chelugui, was presented to court after he was accused of raping the CS’s 16 year old daughter.

    Reuben’s aging father, who was accompanied by a sizeable crowd,  tried to force his way into the Court premises and attempted to wrestle journalists who were recording him.

    It’s like the old man had gone mad.

    The Magistrate had ordered the media and those who had attended the court hearing to move out during the proceedings.

    Reuben was released on Ksh 300,000 bond ahead of the case mention  slated for mid next month.

    See photos of his father causing drama.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-A private jet that landed at Kisumu International Airport left tongues wagging when reports emerged that it is assigned to Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga by African Union (AU), after he was appointed the High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa.

    Kenyans on social media have linked the luxurious jet which is owned by American aviation company Avmax Group to Raila Odinga.

    Chris Orwa took a photo of the jet and posted it  on social media and ODM’s blogger, Seth Odongo alias Dikembe Disembe, alleged that this is the jet that was assigned by AU  to Raila Odinga to facilitate his movement.

    Kenyans were fascinated by Raila’s alleged private jet assigned to him by African Union and they even begged for a lift.

    See reaction.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018- Sexy Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe, has launched a scathing attack at Citizen TV news anchor, Lilian Muli, after she dumped her husband, Jared Nevaton On social media.

    The screen siren announced to the world that she had ended her relationship with the shadowy businessman whom she called a ‘community husband’

    However, Huddah feels Lilian did not have to announce to the whole world and urged her and other women to keep their private lives private because nobody cares anyway.

    “I enjoy my Ds on the low. I don’t understand why people feel the need to advertise their relationships. I do post my man and all you know is my man is Lion. That’s all. So is short stop advertising your men” the petite lass wrote.

    Check out her posts below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    Friday, December 28, 2018- Comedian Kevin Mwangi popularly known as Shaniqwa has excited netizens after he flaunted his heavily pregnant girlfriend, Naomi Jemutai, on Instagram.

    While sharing the photo on the Gram, the comedian who poses as a woman in his roles wrote:

    “2018 ilikuwa mwaka wa kupanda 2019 ni MAVUNO thank you LORD,”

    Interestingly, majority of his fans expressed disbelief having known all along that he was a woman.

    See the photo and reactions below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    Friday, 28 December 2018-Controversial city prophet David Owuor of Repetance and Holiness Ministry is being guarded like a head of state.

    The self proclaimed mighty prophet was spotted driving in  the streets of Nakuru ahead of his much hyped miracle and healing crusade   while accompanied by a fleet of guzzlers and a contingent of heavily armed cops.

    It’s like he is moving with a whole police station these days.

    Watch this video.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, 28 December 2018-Have you guys seen these photos that are trending online?

    Do you think this slay queen was too much drunk after gulping several mizingas or the whole thing is stage managed?

    See the pics and tell us what you think.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018- You may have seen people do crazy stuff just to seek attention or prove a point but what this crazy lady did is akin to flirting with death.

    From the hair-rising video going viral on social media, the lady is seen climbing the world’s tallest tower without a harness.

    The daredevil battled strong winds to make it to thetop of the structure which stands 1550ft above ground. 

    Watching this, your palms will get sweaty knees weak and arms heavy.

    This is not for the faint hearted and more so those with phobia of heights.

    Watch the video below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-This photo of a lady walking in a busy street with her handbag tightly secured is going viral online.

    Perhaps the lady had heard stories of muggers snatching handbags from unsuspecting women and she decided to take a precaution.

    Or maybe she’s doing her part in making the city secure, after all we were told security begins with you and me.

    Check out the photo below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-2018 is almost ending and as we enter the year 2019, we have a sex guide for the boychild.

    Dear boychild, if a lady has any of these characteristics, please stay safe by protecting yourself with a condom.

    Read and share widely to save a soul.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-This guy has caused a stir with his crazy confession that has left many people questioning his mental status.

    The guy claims that anytime he feels horny, he smells or licks  the front part of  his wife’s used  pantie and the thirst is quenched.

    He even posted a photo doing it.

    Check out this crazy post.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-There are so many fake pastors masquerading as men of God and brainwashing innocent souls.

    These fake pastors who run private churches with their wives have poisoned the mind of those who follow them through misleading sermons , to an extent of being treated like gods.

    A viral video of a preacher being received by his gullible followers like he is the giver of life  is going viral and people are condemning this madness.

    How do you kneel before a fellow human being?

    Watch this video.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-Fake prophet David Owuor brought business to a standstill after he landed in Nakuru for a 3 day healing and miracle crusade.

    Major roads around the town were cl0sed  as huge crowds flooded the street to receive the so called mighty prophet who was accompanied by heavy security consisting  of private bodyguards and armed cops.

    Desperate and gullible Kenyans flocked Merical hotel where he will be staying during the 3 days healing and miracle crusade  after hearing that he was dishing out miracles and nearly caused a stampede.

    A Kenyan captured photos of Owuor’s gullible followers camping outside the hotel ready to receive miracles  saying, “Nakuru town at stand still, roads closed. Mightiest prophet of the lord now conducting miracles outside the hotel, this people have come with their kids and will spend outside. They also have a unique way of ululating..”

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-Men have been put on high alert and warned to be very careful when they come into sexual contact with this lady called Tracy.

    According to reports, Tracy is a common face at Homie Lounge in Likoni where she plies her trade.

    As people’s watchmen, we are here to save the life of the boychild.

    Bedroom photos of Tracy were leaked online and men warned to use a condom if they care about their lives when they come into sexual contact with her.

    Here’s the expose. Stay safe boychild.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-Former President Mwai Kibaki is one of the richest politicians from Mt Kenya.

    The former President has invested in various sectors and his investment runs into billions of shillings.

    But despite his billions, his own blood sister lives in poverty.

    Kibaki visited his sister during Christmas at Othaya  and Kenyans can’t understand how she still lives in a wooden house while the President enjoys high end life in Muthaiga.

    The photo was shared  by a journalist based in Nyeri and here is how Kenyans reacted after seeing the photo.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi, has lashed out at Jubilee Party Vice Chairman, David Murathe, after he said that Kikuyus owe Ruto   no political debt  in 2022 and told him to retire with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Sudi,who is one of Ruto’s attack dogs, compared Murathe  to a prostitute and painted  him as a  washed up political broker.

    According to Sudi, Murathe thrives on politics of deceit and ethnicity.

    David Murathe is an all-time Kenya's political whore; his history in politics is similar to that of a prostitute who began her prostitution from leafy surburbs of Hurlingham then to City Centre's Koinange Street and finally she is now ending her career in River Road and it's environs. This is man who is best known in politics of deceit.

    The Gatanga political reject who is ideally approaching senility has no moral authority/community goodwill to tell Kenyans that Dr. William Ruto should retire alongside Uhuru. His opinion is therefore personal, selfish, vague and inconsequential. He is a known political conman who played and lost his game when he was forging Uhuru-Musalia unity pact in 2012. The unity deal that Murathe spearheaded ended up in futility and it was later condemned over the influence of 'demons'.

    The great people of Mt. Kenya have their own elected leaders who can speak on behalf of its people and Murathe is not even close to that caliber of leaders. Murathe joins the list of the lazy and drunk who have panicked and are trying to invest in politics of division and animosity contrary to what Dr. William Ruto believes in.” Sudi posted on his official facebook page.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, December 28, 2018-Reuben Kiborek, the personal assistant to Water Cabinet Secretary, Simon Chelugui, has been accused of defiling his 16 year old daughter.

    Reuben picked the under-age girl  in Mogotio and drove her to Sarova Woodlands Hotel in Nakuru where he destroyed her innocence.

     “On December 23, 2018, at Sarova Woodlands Hotel in Nakuru East within Nakuru County intentionally and unlawfully defiled a child aged 16-years-old,”part of the charge sheet reads.

    He also faces another charge of committing an indecent act with a child.

    He was presented in a Nakuru Court on Thursday after spending three nights, including Christmas in police cells at Bondeni police station in Nakuru.

    He denied the charges before Nakuru Resident Magistrate Yvonee Kathambi and was freed on a Ksh 300,000 bond.

    The magistrate directed the case to  be mentioned on January 18 2019.

    Here’s the charge sheet.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    What David Murathe said is not very different from what Kabogo, Ngunjiri Wambugu and many others have said in the past, but the reaction it has elicited from those who were still clinging to the false hope that the 'Mountain Mafia' would hand them the Presidency is markedly different. 

    This is because unlike the Ngunjiris and Kabogos, everyone knows that Murathe is not only the Chairman of the political outfit in which Ruto placed all his eggs, but is also the voice of the 'deep state' to which even Uhuru himself is just 'an errand boy'.

    There is no mistaking this script. The torch is being handed to the Luhya, from the Lake as Elijah Masinde prophesied many eons ago. Albeit through the handshake. 

    Who would have thought MaDVD would be the 'safe pair of hands' that would save Kenya from falling into Lucifer's hands!


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    Friday, December 28, 2018-Before the self-proclaimed Mighty Prophet David Owuor started rolling in high end guzzlers and tight security, he was a broke and malnourished preacher.

    The now fake prophet was moving around Nakuru town preaching God’s word but 14 years later, things have totally changed.

    He rolls in guzzlers and control a huge following of brainwashed Kenyans who nearly worship him.

    They have been bankrolling his lavish lifestyle after being brainwashed and their minds controlled like a TV remote by the controversial prophet.

    See photos of the fake prophet in 2004.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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