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    UHURU bought an attack dog called Moses Kuria and taught it to attack enemies ferociously,on his behalf.

    The dog diligently delivered his mandate.

    Now Uhuru has made peace with the enemy. The dog, accustomed to barking and biting is now idle, forcing it to dig it’s teeth into the buttocks of the owner.

    The most reasonable thing Uhuru can do, is put the dog in a gunia, add some few bricks to aid sinking, then throw the mongrel to deepest part of River Chania.

    The other alternative is to castrate it at home. The law of castration states that the resultant pain makes the dog run as fast as possible as far away from the scene of operations, as it can be possible, never to return back.

    That is why when you want to conduct this operation, you must walk your dog deep into the thickets, far from home, so that it can run back home, but if you do it at home, it will run into the bushes, and that is the last time you will see the dog.

    This is exactly what I prescribe for Kuria.

    One of the most tangible benefits of the handshake is that it has left stranded those who made a career insulting Raila from Uhuru’s camp and those from Raila’s camp who have nothing to show apart from defending the duo in press conferences.

    Such people had nothing to deliver to their constituents as they thrived in the prevailing enmity creating an impression that they were gallant soldiers protecting the king.

    They are bitter with the king, only that they can’t say it publicly.

    Moses Kuria had his opponents bought just to bring his venomous talk to parliament. He is now irrelevant and must be dispensed with.

    Whichever way, he knows this too well. He knows his days in the limelight are over and he has to act like every dying cow. Remember a dying cow doesn’t bother to cover it’s anus.

    Good morning my fellow hoof eaters!!.

    By JEROME O.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    By Ephraim Njega via Facebook

    I know I have discussed many times about how one can prepare for hard economic times but that question keeps on coming. For a reminder these are some of the things you can do;

    1. Hold onto cash or invest in liquid assets. You can sell some illiquid assets such as property in favour of cash holding. The saying cash is king is never truer than in times of economic crisis. You can be asset rich but cash poor. It will be hard to sell assets when everyone else is doing the same.

    2. Prepare for an alternative lifestyle. For instance, if you have an upcountry home and land start working on a possibility of moving there should it get to that. There is nothing shameful about retreating upcountry in order to regroup financially. This should always be part of the plan.

    3. Save as much as you can. Cut spending and downgrade your lifestyle in favour of saving more. Treat every shilling you earn as if it is the last. That way, you avoid forward and impulsive consumption. Have spending plans and stick to them.

    4. On the extreme, you can also convert some shillings into dollars to hedge against forex risks.

    5. Keep records of your income and expenses. This is the best way to control spending and cut excess fat. You will never succeed in managing personal finances without accurate data on your spending habits.

    It is clear this corrupt, clueless and incompetent government will not own up to its economic errors soon. The best thing is to protect yourself against possible economic meltdown. At the moment, only a miracle can prevent that from happening. We are on a sure path to economic ruin.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday January 4, 2019-Kirinyaga County Governor, Anne Mumbi Waiguru, has once again been accused of stealing Sh 50 million meant for bursaries for poor students in her county.

    According to Mwea MCA Harrison Maluku and Evans Kariuki of Murinuko Ward, the county assembly allocated Sh 70 million for bursaries for 2018/2019 financial year.

    However, the MCAs said Waiguru and her cartel have decided to slash Sh 2.5 million from each ward.

    Each ward was to receive Sh 3.5 million but Waiguru decided to give each ward Sh 1 million.

    “We want an explanation on where the missing Sh 50 million is, considering the fact that since June 2018, we have not seen any development project for the year 2018/2019,”Mwaluko said.

    Mwaluko's sentiments were echoed by Kariuki who demanded that Waiguru reinstates the initial budget of Sh 70 million to ensure that each ward get at least Sh 3.5 million to enable students get bursaries.

    The lawmakers vowed to take unspecified action against Waiguru if she did not remedy the situation.

    "We are asking the County chief Anne Waiguru to immediately account for KSh 50 million failure to which she will face dire consequences," they said.

    This is not the first time Waiguru has been accused of stealing public money.

    In 2015, when she was Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Waiguru was accused of stealing billions of shillings from National Youth Service (NYS).

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, January 04, 2019- What this guy did in an attempt to earn the trust  of wife back after he cheated on her has shocked netizens.

    Perhaps, the scorned wife wanted him to prove that he will never stray again before giving him another chance and what he did is just mind-boggling.

    He went and had tattoo of an apology on his stomach and vowed to never cheat on his wife again.

    We just hope the wife took him back otherwise he would be single for life.

    Check out the photo below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    Friday, January 4, 2019-Ladies, before hatching plans on how to milk a man’s pocket, understand that most  men go through hell to earn a honest living.

    We came across this photo that speaks a thousand words.

    Men don’t just collect money  from the ground, they sweat for it.

    See this pic.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday January 4,2019-A vocal Jubilee Party MP has said President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto’s friendship cannot be ruined by a” mere handshake”.

    On March 9 this year, Uhuru and National Super Alliance(NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, who were fierce political protagonists, buried the hatchet and resolved to work together for a united Kenya.

    However the handshake between Uhuru and Raila has generated a political storm in Jubilee Party with political pundits saying Uhuru might betray Ruto in 2022 because of his handshake with Raila.

     But addressing journalists in Nairobi on Friday, Nominated MP, David Sankok said Uhuru and Ruto have a strong bond and they cannot betray each other in 2022.

    “President and his Deputy have a solid bond. The two leaders came together in 2013 against odds after the 2007/08 post-election violence,” said Sankok.

    The outspoken legislator said those trying to divert the attention of the country by claiming that President Kenyatta will not support DP Ruto 2022 were living in denial.

    “Jubilee had a pact of 10 years of Uhuru and another 10 years for Ruto. This still stands but for the purposes of democracy and any other candidate wishing to join the truce was welcome,” he said.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, January 04, 2019- This slay queen wanted to interact with her fans on twitter but the conversation south pretty fast.

    She told her fans ask her anything hoping for an entertaining chitchat but she wasn’t ready for some questions.

    One guy asked an awkward question that left her dumbfounded as she clearly didn’t see it coming.

    These streets are mean guys.

    Be careful what you post or else you will be on the receiving end of a ‘career ending’ tackle like this poor slay queen.

    Check out the post below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    Friday January 4,2019-Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, has finally apologised to President Uhuru Kenyatta for saying the Head of State has marginalised Mt Kenya region.

    During his New Year’s Eve message at Thika Stadium, Kuria criticised the president accusing him of taking big projects in opposition strongholds and neglecting his strongholds in Mt Kenya region.

    Kuria‘s message generated mixed reactions from Kenyans whom accused the second term MP of disrespecting the President.

    However ,speaking in Kimunyu on Friday, Kuria apologized for the remarks which he said were misinterpreted to create conflict between him and the president.

    “I refused to be sidetracked by those people who want to mislead people by saying that I have disrespected the president. I have never disrespected the head of state. If any case any word that I might have uttered could have been misconstrued in any bad way. I offer my profuse apologies to the head of state and to anyone else,” Kuria said.

    Kuria‘s apology came hours after Kikuyu Council of Elders urged him to apologise to the president within seven days, failure to which they are going to take unspecified action against him.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, January 04, 2019- This crazy slay queen has left tongues wagging and jaws dropping after she revealed her rare talent.

    From the video she shared on Instagram, she claims that everyone has a talent and her talent is sucking mjulubeng.

    However, she laments that she finds it hard to tell people because they most will think she’s a ho!

    Somebody please stop these slay queens because they are getting out of control at this rate.

    Watch the video below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    Friday, January 4, 2018-As we were strolling the internet, we came across a post by a man revealing how his wife has made his life hell.

    He left his wife upcountry and came to Nairobi for work and the things his wife has been doing to his mother are out of this world.

    This is definitely a wife from hell and she might soon kill this guy’s mother if he is not careful.

    Read the post.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, January 04, 2019- This sexy lady posed in her birthday suit in the name of modeling.

    She flaunted her assets but covered her lady parts with a film of paint.

    She then strikes some poses giving thirst men a perfect view of her juicy derriere.

    Well, there is thin line between creativity and insanity and it’s hard to make out which is which in this case.

    Check out the photos below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    We now seek to recruit qualified, dynamic individuals to augment our growth strategy. These new positions will staff our newest 100 bed multi-specialty ultra-modern hospital.

    Primary function is to deliver an effective purchasing service to all areas of the hospital whilst establishing best practice purchasing systems and procedures. In addition, the role holder will enhance purchasing processes, negotiate terms and keep documentation accurate and up-to-date.


    ·         Receiving and reviewing requisitions from users to confirm that specifications are clear.

    ·         Supplier audit/appraisal.

    ·         Negotiating for better contractual terms of supply.

    ·         Completion and Issuance of Local Purchase Orders.

    ·         Monitoring deliveries from suppliers.

    ·         Tender preparation, invitation and analysis

    ·         File records & other correspondences in the unit

    ·         Auditing invoices against receiving reports before passing for payment and making follow up to ensure that suppliers are paid in a timely manner.

    ·         Liaising with users from time to time to ensure efficient flow of services

    ·         Handling supply related disputes on matters of poor quality, short delivery, late delivery and payment.

    ·         Monitoring supplier performance

    ·         Monitoring purchases of capital/recurrent expenditure against budget.

    ·         Monitoring changes in the supply market.

    ·         Carrying out market research on product development and better sources of supply

    ·         Developing proposals for improved purchasing procedures


    ·         Bachelor’s Degree in Business related field and/or

    ·         Diploma in Purchasing and Supply

    ·         2 years’ experience in procurement and supplies management.

    ·         Experience in a busy hospital environment will be an added advantage.

    ·         Inventory Control

    ·         Management of service contracts

    How to Apply

    Sales Officer

    Primary function is to constantly and consistently deliver exceptional sales results through recruitment of new customers as well as the expansion of existing relationships.


    ·         Generating new    business    through    systematic    visiting    of potential customers/markets to prospect for business

    ·         Achieving sales targets within the set period i.e. in both volume and value

    ·         Handling customer    issues    and    complaints    pertaining    to allocated products

    ·         Obtaining timely, relevant market intelligence feedback useful for product development

    ·         Preparing regular  sales  activity  and  performance  reports  as required

    ·         Holding  open  days  and  product sales campaigns  in  line  with the sales strategy


    ·         A   business   or   commercial   qualification   from   a   recognized university/institution

    ·         A proven record in the delivery of sales targets.

    ·         Sales experience in a hospital/medical sales environment will be an added advantage.

    How to Apply

    Finance Officer

    Primary function is formulating and implementing RFH’s Finance strategy as well as providing value adding financial management information to the Executive and the Board of Directors.


    ·         Developing and implementing the Financial strategy for RFH.

    ·         Providing leadership in the development of continuous evaluation of short and long-term strategic financial objectives of RFH.

    ·         Evaluating and advising on the impact of long range planning and reviewing of strategies and the regulatory implications.

    ·         Developing operating plans and financial budgets to support these plans.

    ·         Leading RFH’s management team and managing the processes of financial forecasting, budgets and consolidation and reporting.

    ·         Ensuring credibility of the Finance function by providing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends and forecasts.

    ·         Taking a lead in preparation of financial management information for the Board.

    ·         Reviewing of financial reports and ensuring that they comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

    ·         Preparation of accurate and timely statutory financial reports.

    ·         Taking a hands-on lead position of developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive product cost and profitability system.

    ·         Coordinating activities of external service providers including external auditors; insurance brokers and underwriters.

    ·         Leading and managing a team of accountants


    ·         Minimum of 5 years working experience 3 of which should have been in a senior finance or strategy role.

    ·         Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting or similar discipline.

    ·         Masters degree in Business Management or Finance or Economics would be an added advantage.

    ·         Professional qualifications of CPA (K) or ACCA

    ·         Strategic thinking and visionary

    ·         Strong leadership skills

    ·         Solid financial and commercial acumen

    ·         Strong analytical and highly developed IT skills

    ·         Ability to build strong teams and achieve work through teams

    ·         Initiative, drive and able to work under pressure

    How to Apply

    BD & Relationship Manager

    Primary function is planning and implementing sales, marketing, and product development programs, both short and long term, targeted toward existing and new markets.


    ·         Developing and implementing strategic marketing plans; sales plans, and forecasts to achieve hospital objectives for products and services.

    ·         Developing and managing sales/ marketing operating budgets.

    ·         Planning and overseeing advertising and promotion activities including print, online, electronic media, and direct mail.

    ·         Developing and recommending product positioning, packaging, and pricing strategy to produce the highest possible long-term market share.

    ·         Achieving satisfactory profit/loss ratio and market share in relation to pre-set standards and industry and economic trends.

    ·         Ensures effective control of marketing results and takes corrective action to guarantee that achievement of marketing objectives falls within designated budgets.

    ·         Oversees and evaluates market research and adjusts marketing strategy to meet changing market and competitive conditions.

    ·         Monitors competitor products, sales, and marketing activities.

    ·         Establishes and maintains relationships with industry influencers and key strategic partners.

    ·         Guides preparation of marketing activity reports and presents to executive management.

    ·         Establishes and maintains a consistent corporate image throughout all product lines, promotional materials, and events.

    ·         Directs sales forecasting activities and sets performance goals accordingly.

    ·         Directs staffing, training, and performance evaluations to develop and control sales and marketing programs.

    ·         Directs market channel development activity and coordinates sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals.

    ·         Represents company at trade association meetings to promote product.

    ·         Assists other departments within organization to prepare manuals and technical publications.

    ·         Reviews and analyses sales performances against programs, quotes and plans to determine effectiveness.

    ·         Directs product research and development.


    ·         Degree in Sales and Marketing, Public Relations, or related field.

    ·         At least 3 years’ experience in the same position preferably in medical industry.

    ·         Ability to create a strategy and to execute it

    ·         Management experience in the healthcare sector

    ·         Interest in mentorship and personal growth of junior staff

    ·         Exposure to best-practice in sales management

    How to Apply

    Accounts Assistant

    Primary function is to work alongside the Chief Accountant in managing the accounting functions of the hospital.


    ·         Management of patients accounts and billing by ensuring regular invoicing, receive and receipt payment of patients

    ·         Maintenance of various books of accounts

    ·         Management of debtor and supplier accounts

    ·         Daily Sales ledger and creditors ledger accounts reconciliation

    ·         Regular cash book reconciliation

    ·         Assisting in preparation of daily and monthly reports

    ·         Undertaking daily banking functions and bank reconciliations.

    ·         Deal with daily petty cash.

    ·         Undertaking any ad hoc duties associated with the accounts function, including maintaining financial files and records in a timely, accurate and organized manner

    ·         Carrying out other related tasks as might be required from time to time


    ·         Minimum CPA Section I

    ·         Must conversant with quick books and pastel Accounting packages

    ·         At least two years’ experience in a hospital set up is an added advantage.

    ·         Experience in statutory deductions. Must have a good understanding of financial concepts and pay keen attention to detail

    ·         Excellent planning and organizational skills

    How to Apply

    Human Resource

    Primary function is to provide quality and efficient HR support to RFH Healthcare fraternity.


    ·         Ensuring background and reference checks are completed

    ·         Preparing new employee files

    ·         Maintaining current HR files and databases

    ·         Updating and maintaining employee benefits, employment status, and similar records

    ·         Maintaining records related to grievances, performance reviews, and disciplinary actions

    ·         Performing file audits to ensure that all required employee documentation is collected and maintained

    ·         Performing payroll/benefit-related reconciliations

    ·         Performing payroll and benefits audits and recommending any correction action

    ·         Completing termination paperwork and assisting with exist interviews

    ·         Any other lawful duties as may be assigned from time to time by the HRM/ CEO.


    ·         A Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant discipline or a minimum diploma in HRM is a must.

    ·         Three (3) years of Human Resources Management experience in a hospital setting preferred.

    ·         MBA (HRM Option) can be an added advantage

    ·         Membership to HRM professional body also an added advantage

    How to Apply


    Primary function is to manage patients affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advise.


    ·         Assessing patients’ needs and rehabilitating them

    ·         Verifying and maintaining information relating to patients

    ·         Design treatment plans

    ·         Write patient case notes and collect statistics

    ·         Assessing patient needs including rehabilitation

    ·         Screening, assessing and providing therapeutic exercises

    ·         Collecting data for operational research

    ·         Sensitizing the community on physiotherapy issues

    ·         Preparing periodic reports.


    ·         Diploma in Physiotherapy from Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

    ·         Must have at least two (2) years working experience in a reputable institution.

    ·         Certificate of Registration from the Kenya Society of Physiotherapists (KSP).

    ·         Current (2018) practicing Certificate from the Kenya Society of Physiotherapists (KSP).

    How to Apply


    Primary function is to manage nutrition department.


    ·         Promoting maternal infant and young child feeding programs

    ·         Developing and disseminating nutrition behavior change communication, information, education and communication materials

    ·         Conducting nutrition assessments

    ·         Counseling of patients with specific nutritional needs

    ·         Providing nutrition health education and demonstrations

    ·         Implementing outpatient and inpatient supplementary and therapeutic feeding programs and evaluating outcomes

    ·         Providing micronutrient supplementation

    ·         Collecting and compiling nutrition and dietetic data

    ·         Conduct any other duty as may be assigned


    ·         Diploma in nutrition & dietetics

    ·         Minimum 2 years work experience

    ·         Must be registered with KNDI

    How to Apply

    Care Assistant & Nurse Aides

    Primary function is to work collaboratively with the other practitioners mainly in a supportive nursing role.


    ·         Identifying patient care requirements by establishing personal rapport and providing psychological support.

    ·         Promoting adherence to infection-control policies and protocols and storage procedures.

    ·         Documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs.

    ·         Documenting patient care services by charting and using electronic medical records

    ·         Taking and documenting vital signs and weight measurements

    ·         Providing patient comfort by utilizing resources and materials;

    ·         Transporting patients within the facility if needed.

    ·         Preparing daily reports and other reports as requested.

    ·         Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.


    ·         Certificate in Community Health Nursing (KRCHN)

    ·         Training in First Aid, Customer Care, or any other relevant course

    ·         At least two (2) years working experience in a busy hospital set-up as a nurse assistant / aide.

    How to Apply

    Front Officer & Receptionist

    Primary function for this position is to handle customer service operations.


    ·         Operating the telephone switchboard and transferring telephone calls to intended recipients after screening them properly

    ·         Responding to inquiries aimed at hospital services and procedures

    ·         Arrange for appropriate emergency services by calling relevant medical staff members

    ·         Answer queries pertaining to admitted patients by following strict confidentiality protocols

    ·         Perform other secretarial duties.


    ·         Diploma in Communication (or Health Records Information) or any relevant roles.

    ·         Good communication skills with outstanding presentation and confidence.

    ·         Conversant with Hospital operations including Medical Insurance billing, Smart systems and NHIF.

    ·         At least one (1) year working experience in a busy hospital set up or secretarial role.

    How to Apply

    Cashier & Billing Clerk

    Primary function for this position is to handle Medical Billing and cash control.


    ·         Updating patient bills, collecting fees and issuing receipts

    ·         Banking the Hospital’s revenue

    ·         Maintaining records of the income generating activities

    ·         Management of claims and corporate accounts


    ·         Diploma in Health Records Information or any relevant roles.

    ·         Basic accounting qualification is desired (e.g. CPA 1)

    ·         Good communication skills with outstanding presentation and confidence.

    ·         Conversant with Medical Insurance billing, Smart systems and NHIF.

    ·         At least one (1) year working experience in a busy hospital set-up.

    How to Apply

    Pharmaceutical Technologist

    Primary function is to process prescriptions accurately for both in/outpatient clients.


    ·         Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology.

    ·         Should be registered and licensed with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

    ·         At least two (2) years working experience in a busy hospital set-up.

    How to Apply

    Hospital Administrator

    Primary function is to oversee operations of the hospital.


    ·         Overseeing quality improvement for efficient delivery of services in the Hospital

    ·         Guiding in setting operational standards in the Hospital

    ·         Ensuring the Hospital runs efficiently and delivers quality patients’ care

    ·         Creating financial and business strategies to ensure viability of the facility

    ·         Working with HR in Staff recruitment and retention

    ·         Addressing doctors’ needs and ensuring patients’ quality medical care and well being

    ·         Formulating policies for Directors’ approval and implementing approved policies

    ·         Prepares progress reports regularly

    ·         Any other task as may be assigned by the Directors


    ·         Degree (or Diploma with relevant experience) in Healthcare management related courses

    ·         At least five (5) years’ experience in hospital set up with at least three (3) years of which in a similar role.

    ·         Additional training in Management is a plus

    How to Apply

    Medical Laboratory Technologists

    Primary function for this position is to perform routine clinical laboratory tests as per prescribed procedures and acceptable practice.


    ·         Diploma in Laboratory Technology.

    ·         Should be registered and licensed with the Medical Laboratory Technologist and Technicians Board.

    ·         At least two (2) years working experience in a busy hospital set-up.

    How to Apply


    Medical Officer

    Primary function for this position is offer quality clinical health care to all patients in the hospital and work closely with the other Medical practitioners.


    ·         Registered with Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board.

    ·         Able to work with minimal supervision.

    ·         At least two (2) years (Inclusive of post-graduate internship) working experience in a busy hospital set-up.

    How to Apply

    Clinical Officers

    Primary function for this position is offer quality health care to all patients in the hospital and work closely with the other Medical practitioners.


    ·         Taking history, examining, diagnosing, and treating patients’ common ailments at an outpatient or inpatient health facility

    ·         Implementing Community Health Care activities in liaison with other health workers

    ·         Guiding and counselling patients on health issues

    ·         Sensitizing patients and clients on preventive and promotive health

    ·         Carrying out minor surgical procedures as per training and skill

    ·         Collecting and compiling clinical data

    ·         Referring patients and clients to appropriate health facilities.


    ·         Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery; or Clinical Medicine and Community Health from a recognized institution

    ·         Registered with the Clinical Officers Council.

    ·         Able to work with minimal supervision.

    ·         At least two (2) years (Inclusive of post-graduate internship) working experience in a busy hospital set-up.

    How to Apply

    0 0

    IT Officer

    JG ‘K’-


    To manage ICT functions at the plant


    ·         Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Information Systems or equivalent from a University recognized in Kenya.

    ·         Good administration, organization and analytical skills.

    ·         Ability to multi-task, motivate and lead others.

    ·         Professional certification will be an added advantage.

    ·         Maintenance of software support is an added advantage.


    ·         Reporting to the Head ICT, the Officer will be responsible for the following tasks:

    ·         Performing system analysis and suggest recommendations in liaison with user department.

    ·         Performing basic technical support for both hardware and software

    ·         Drawing and maintaining ICT equipment inventory.

    ·         Ensuring adherence to established ICT standards and policies.

    ·         Logging of ICT problems.

    ·         Performing system installation, configuration and renew software licenses.

    ·         Recommending and supervising hardware/software specification for information communication technology equipment.

    ·         Repairs and maintenance of information communication technology equipment and associated peripherals,

    ·         Drawing scheduling preventive maintenance of ICT infrastructure.

    ·         Troubleshooting of general ICT problems at the user level.

    ·         Any other duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor.

    Sales Assistant

    Job Group ‘H’

    (9 Posts)


    The key role of assistant Sales Representative is to provide support to the Sales Representative during selling. He/she will perform routine clerical duties and helps in van or truck selling


    ·         Advising customers and answering any queries, they may have, from stock availability and details of special offers to a product’s price

    ·         Handling customer’s transactions, while sales Representative is doing the selling,

    ·         Ensuring stocks in the van, trucks and wholesale are adequate,

    ·         Checking for First in First out (FIFO),

    ·         Helping in van delivery to customers,

    ·         Any other duty assigned by the Sales Representative


    ·         Diploma in Sales, Commerce, economics, business management or sociology,

    ·         At least 2 years’ experience in selling Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    Skills and Competencies

    ·         Data Entry Skills,

    ·         Reporting Skills,

    ·         Administrative Writing Skills,

    ·         Understanding the Customers,

    ·         Customer Focus,

    ·         Attention to Detail,

    ·         Team-working skills

    HR Assistant

    Job Group `J’

    This is the entry and training grade in this cadre. An officer at this grade will perform a variety of human resource management duties of limited scope and complexity under the guidance and supervision of a more senior officer.


    ·         Assisting in handling Human Resource matters.

    ·         Performance Management

    ·         Training and Capacity building

    ·         Implementation of human resource policies, rules and regulations.

    ·         Preparing Discipline, training and other agenda for the County Human Resource Advisory Committee

    ·         Keeping records efficiently and usefully

    ·         Supervisory duties

    ·         Report writing


    ·         Be in possession of a minimum of a bachelor`s degree in any of the social sciences from a recognized university.

    ·         Be a member of the Institute of Human Resource Management in good standing.

    Finance Officer

    Job Group ‘K’


    The Finance Officer is responsible for the financial resources of the organization


    ·         Budget planning, Offering Financial advice to GM and Board,

    ·         Offering business decision support,

    ·         Collecting, interpreting and reviewing financial information,

    ·         Predicting future financial trends,

    ·         Reporting to management and stakeholders, and providing advice how the organization’s future business decisions might be impacted,

    ·         Producing financial reports related to budgets, account payables, account receivables, and expenses,

    ·         Developing long-term business plans based on financial reports,

    ·         Reviewing, monitoring and managing budgets,

    ·         Developing strategies that work to minimize financial risk,

    ·         Any other duties as may be assigned by the  Managing Director


    ·         Degree in Finance, Economics, Commerce (Accounting or Finance Option) or CPA(K)

    ·         Over three (3) years’ relevant work experience.

    ·         Meet the requirement of Chapter six of the Constitution of Kenya.

    Skills and Competencies

    ·          Excellent analytical skills

    ·         Good negotiation skills, Ability to develop strong working relationships, Commercial and business awareness,

    ·         Good communication skills – both written and verbal,

    ·         A keen eye for detail,

    ·         Ability to probe further into data, Ability to stick to time constraints,

    ·         High integrity

    Procurement Officer

    Job Group ‘L’


    To manage and coordinate all raw milk procurement activities in the field


    ·         Managing all raw milk field analysis,

    ·         Accounting for all raw milk collection quantities

    ·         Supervising activities at milk collection centers,

    ·         Training of staff in the field,

    ·         Liaising with Kenya Dairy Board on all official matters,

    ·         Liaising with farmers on issues of milk quality,

    ·         Any other duties as may be assigned by the Line Manager


    ·         Degree in Dairy Technology.

    ·         3 years’ experience in the industry.

    ·         Excellent  communication skills

    ·         Attention to detail

    ·         High integrity

    ·         Ability to work extra hours

    ·         Computer literate.

    Quality Officer

    Job Group ‘J’

    (2 Posts)


    To test milk and its by-products in accordance with the set Quality standards


    ·         Analyzing bacteriological and microbiological content of milk and milk products,

    ·         Analyzing chemical content of milk and milk products,

    ·         Grading milk at the point of receipt,

    ·         Sampling milk at the various critical control points/stages of processing,

    ·         Standardizing of chemicals for milk testing,

    ·         Testing detergent concentration before the cleaning process

    ·         Cleaning the laboratory,

    ·         Any other duties as may be assigned by immediate supervisor


    ·         Higher National Diploma in Laboratory Technology/Food Science/Analytical Chemistry, 2 years’ experience in related field

    Maintenance - Creameries Processing

    Job Group ‘L’


    To manage the maintenance and servicing of factory machines


    ·         Overseeing the planning and implementation of maintenance of the factory machines;

    ·         Supervising the service and repairs of machines;

    ·         Liaising with the project Engineer on the planning and implementation of projects;

    ·         Ensuring compliance to the statutory inspections;

    ·         Ensuring availability of spares parts as well as monitoring stock levels and inventory control;

    ·         Conducting training of staff and assigning duties

    ·         Any other duties as assigned by immediate supervisory.


    ·         Bachelor degree in Engineering or its equivalent, Registered Engineer with Engineer’s Registration Board (ERB),

    ·         Over 5 years’ experience in Food Industry 2 of which should be at supervisory level,

    ·         Meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya


    Job Group ‘J’

    To enter into financial records all activities of transactional nature


    ·         Raise journals,

    ·         Post journals, Raise invoices,

    ·         Verify and match Goods Received notes with invoices,

    ·         Verify and post vouchers,

    ·         Pay on instructions,

    ·         Any other duties as may be assigned by the senior accountant


    ·         Diploma in relevant field or CPA part II,

    ·         2 years’ work experience in a relevant field

    Skills and Competencies

    ·         High analytical skills,

    ·         Attention to detail

    Technical Operator


    (8 Posts)


    To operate and maintain milk packaging machines in line with the standard operating procedures and manuals


    ·         Operating the milk packaging machine and ensuring its cleanliness,

    ·         Identifying and documenting problems during operations,

    ·         Maintaining and servicing the milk packaging machine,

    ·         Maintaining a record of the machine,

    ·         Achieving the set daily production targets according to the set quality standards of production,

    ·         Any other duties as may be assigned by immediate supervisor


    ·         Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Over two (2) years’ work experience in a food industry

    How to Apply

    Application forms and details of the vacancies can be accessed at www.murang’ Applications should be submitted to the Public Service Board clearly indicating the position applied for ad reference number on the envelope addressed to:


    Murang’a County Public Service Board

    P.O. Box 52 – 10200


    Applications can be hand delivered at the County Public Service Board Office located within the County Governor’s office, Murang’a on or before close of business on 8th January 2019.

    Any form of canvassing shall lead to automatic disqualification.

    Women, minorities and persons living with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

    Shortlisted candidates will be required to produce their original identity cards, academic and professional certificates, testimonials, clearance and other relevant documents in support of their applications.

    Applicants from other Counties are encouraged to apply

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    Orthopaedic Trauma Tech

    Job Group ‘G’
    (4 Vacancies)


    ·         Have a mean grade of D+ in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education or its equivalent.

    ·         CertificateineitherOrthopaedicPlasterandtractiontechnologyorOrthopaedicPlaster technology from a recognized institution

    ·         Certificate in Computer application skills from a recognized institution.


    ·         Manipulating and reducing fractures and dislocations

    ·         Fixing and removing casts, bandages to and from patients

    ·         Correcting Congenital Talipes Equino-varus (C.T.E.V)

    ·         Participating in the management of minor orthopaedic and trauma cases in emergencies and accidents

    ·         Counseling patients/Clients on issues regarding orthopedic trauma


    Job Group H
    (10 Vacancies)


    ·         Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)mean grade C (plain)with grade C (plain)in English/Kiswahili, Biology/Biological Sciences or Physics/Physical Sciences and C- in Mathematics and

    ·         Diploma in any of the following: Diagnostic Radiography/Medical Imaging Sciences, Ultrasound, Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy and Digital Medical Imaging Equipment or its equivalent from a recognized Institution


    ·         Providing radiographic services to the patients

    ·         Processing, verifying and maintaining information relating to patients

    ·         Ordering and maintaining records of radiographic and photographic supplies

    Medical Officers

    Job Group M
    (20 Vacancies)


    ·         Must be a Kenyan citizen.

    ·         Must-have a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.Ch.B) degree from an institution recognized by the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board.

    ·         Successfully completed one (1) year Internship from a recognized institution;

    ·         Certificate of Registration by the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board.

    ·         Practicing license from Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board

    ·         Certificate in Computer application skills from a recognized institution.


    ·         Diagnosing, caring and treating diseases

    ·         Performing medical and surgical procedures

    ·         Preparing and responding to emergencies and disasters

    ·         Participating in management of medicines, medical instruments and equipment

    ·         Providing health education

    ·         Maintaining medical records, health information and data

    ·         Counselling patients and their relatives on diagnosis and bereavement

    ·         Teaching and coaching medical students, nursing students and clinical officer interns

    ·         Preparing requisite documents for registration

    Laboratory Tech

    Job Group H
    (2 Vacancies)


    ·         Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences or any other equivalent qualification from an institution recognized by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board

    ·         Registration Certificate issued by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board (KMLTTB)

    ·         Valid practicing license from Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board

    ·         Certificate in Computer application skills from a recognized institution


    ·         Decontaminating working benches

    ·         Receiving and scrutinizing laboratory requisition forms and specimens

    ·         Preparing clients for collection of specimens

    ·         Receiving, collecting, labeling and registering of specimens

    ·         Dis-aggregating specimens for processing and analyses

    ·         Preparing reagents

    ·         Examining specimens

    ·         Writing and recording of results

    ·         Dispatching the results for use in clinical management

    ·         Preparing stains

    ·         Performing blood grouping

    ·         Issuing blood and blood products to peripheral health facilities

    ·         Storing blood products according to their requirements



    1.      Kenya Revenue Authority.

    2.     Higher Education Loans Board.

    3.     Criminal Investigation Department.

    4.     Credit Reference Bureau.

    5.     Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

    Copies of these clearances MUST be attached to the applications.

    Women and people living with disabilities are encouraged to apply, clearly indicating the type of disability.

    Only short-listed candidates will be contacted

    How to Apply

    All applications should be accompanied by a copy of National ID Card, a detailed CV and copies of all relevant certificates and testimonials, to reach on or before 18th January, 2019 at 5.00p.m. and addressed to:-

    The secretary,

    Kisii County Public Service Board

    P.O Box 4550 – 40200

    Kisii, Kenya.


    Hand delivered applications should be handed over at the County Public Service Board’s offices off kisii-kilgoris highway near the Kisii Cathedral junction

    For more details visit our website


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    Job Vacancy: Retail Sales Assistant

    City Walk is a registered company in Kenya and has been in operations since 1991 with 26 branches. City Walk specializes in selling of elegant, unique and stylish footwear, bags, clothes and leather items.

    We are seeking for experienced candidates for the position of sales assistants who will be placed in our branches to sell the company products such as shoes, clothes and perfumes.

    Overview of Position: It is the responsibility of the Sales Assistant include, but are not limited to provide prompt, attentive and knowledgeable assistant to all clients, support the staff in order to achieve and surpass goals, and to insure the highest standards of client service are maintained at all times.

    Core Responsibilities:

    Sales Performance

    ·         Develop sales technique to insure maximum performance

    ·         Identify and meet clients’ needs

    ·         Utilize all available sales tools to increase business and improve results

    ·         Overcome client objections and offer alternatives

    ·         Comply with all sales related policies and procedures

    ·         Utilize suggestive selling techniques to maximize and accessorize a sale

    ·         Close the sale and monitor all details alterations, shipping, delivery and special client requests

    ·         Collaborate with all associates to achieve departmental and store goals

    ·         Attend all meetings and seminars to insure knowledge to provide maximum results

    ·         Minimizes returns

    Product Knowledge

    ·         Possess an in-depth knowledge of the merchandise

    ·         Consistently seek to increase product knowledge

    ·         Maintain a keen interest in the fashion industry and market trends

    ·         Utilize product knowledge to increase sales

    ·         Identify fit/product concerns in a timely manner

    ·         Have an understanding of competitors’ products

    Client Service

    ·         Provide the highest level of client service

    ·         Maintain constant floor presence to assist clients

    ·         Acknowledge all clients

    ·         Develop rapport with clients

    ·         Build and maintain repeat clientele

    ·         Maintain consistent communication with clients

    ·         Resolve all client problems and complaints quickly and effectively insure management involvement when appropriate

    ·         Identify and implement new ways of increasing client base

    ·         Monitor client purchases and client database

    ·         Insure complete client satisfaction through to client use of purchase

    Selling Floor

    ·         Participate in merchandising moves and maintain merchandising directives

    ·         Possess a basic understanding of the company’s visual and merchandising standards and philosophy

    ·         Understand merchandise themes to convey to clients

    ·         Return all items, clean and well maintained, to their correct place

    ·         Participate in keeping the selling floor and merchandise clean and organized

    ·         Participate in insuring the correct visual image is reflected on the floor at all times


    ·         Possess thorough knowledge of stock location and organization both on and off the selling floor

    ·         Participate in inventory control by insuring tickets and sensors on all garments

    ·         Participate in inventory, cycle counts and stock rotations as requested

    Human Resources

    ·         Be aware of and abide by all Human Resources policies and procedures

    ·         Assume responsibility to insure all personal personnel information is provided and updated and thoroughly abide by Employee Handbook

    ·         Complete all Human Resources paperwork in a timely manner

    ·         Adhere to work schedule, inclusive of time and attendance

    ·         Maintain consistent standards of image and grooming at all times

    ·         Attend and participate in all training and development seminars, programs and meetings

    Loss Prevention

    ·         Be aware of potential risk to the company and all associates in relation to theft, shrinkage and breakage and inform the appropriate person

    ·         Respect and abide by all Loss Prevention policies, procedures and directives

    ·         Report any and all health or safety concerns to the appropriate person and contribute to a safe environment


    ·         Possess a thorough understanding of all point-of-sales policies and procedures

    ·         Collaborate with point-of-sale staff to insure all client information is gathered and correctly processed

    ·         Respect and abide by all register policies and procedures

    ·         Effectively utilize style locator and customer profile systems


    ·         Respect and abide by all inventory/receiving policies, procedures and directives

    ·         Collaborate with inventory/receiving staff to insure client service standards of delivery and shipping


    ·         Basic understanding of sales principles and customer service practices

    ·         Proven 2-3 years working experience in retail sales/Perfume

    ·         Proficiency in English

    ·         Track record of over-achieving sales quota

    ·         Solid communication and interpersonal skills

    ·         Customer service focus

    ·         Friendly, helpful, confident and engaging personality

    ·         Basic administration skills

    ·         Degree/ Diploma or certificate in any discipline

    We seek to recruit a qualified and able Stock Analyst for the business.

    Role Description

    Stock analyst must monitor and anticipate the rate of sale for each type of product offered by a business. As a stock analyst, you will make sure that your company’s distribution centers and warehouses maintain inventory levels necessary to meet projected sales demands.

    Your daily duties may include writing stock reports, performing cycle counts, and determining periodic asset valuations. The job requires advanced organization skills, as analysts must keep several databases and spreadsheets detailing the various elements and aspects of inventory.

    Another important aspect of your job as a stock analyst involves researching past sales trends and staying informed of current sales trends that may influence inventory demand.

    You may also oversee the level of incoming products and ensure that it stays balanced with the level of outgoing products. You may also be in charge of performing yearly audit functions and proving that all products were bought, handled and sold in compliance with rules and regulations.

    Job Roles

    ·         Stock analysts analyze inventory statistics. This includes performing financial analytics to determine which products are selling the most and which are under-performing.

    ·         They also document inventory discrepancies, such as missing or mislabeled items.

    ·         Inventory analysts perform regular inventory counts and verify the numbers against shipping and receiving logs.

    ·         The analyst will write regular inventory reports detailing inventory counts, discrepancies, and other statistical data.

    ·         Compiles and maintains records of quantity, type, and value of material, equipment, merchandise, or supplies stocked in establishment: Counts material, equipment, merchandise, or supplies in stock and posts totals to inventory records, manually or using computer.

    ·         Compares inventories to office records or computes figures from records, such as sales orders, production records, or purchase invoices to obtain current inventory.

    ·         Verifies clerical computations against physical count of stock and adjusts errors in computation or count, or investigates and reports reasons for discrepancies.

    ·         Compiles information on receipt or disbursement of material, equipment, merchandise, or supplies, and computes inventory balance, price, and cost.

    ·         Prepares reports, such as inventory balance, price lists, and shortages.

    ·         Prepares list of depleted items and recommends survey of defective or unusable items.

    ·         Also act as a merchandiser from time to time

    ·         Any other duties as assigned.


    ·         Degree in Supply Chain, Finance, Economics or Mathematics

    ·         Must have experience of at least 3 years as an Inventory or Stock Analyst preferably in retail business or retail fashion business.

    ·         Good Business acumen and analytics

    ·         Merchandising experience will be added advantage.

    Core Skills

    ·         Good Analytical Skills

    ·         Detail Oriented/Attention to details

    ·         Ability to Multitask

    ·         Tech Savvy- Computer Skills

    ·         Good communication Skills-Verbal and Written

    ·         Mathematical skills

    ·         Problem solving skills

    ·         Business skills

    ·         Time management skills

    ·         Report writing skills

    Job Vacancy: Head of Sales

    City Walk is a registered company in Kenya and has been in operations since 1991 with 26 branches. City Walk specializes in selling of elegant, unique and stylish footwear, bags, clothes and leather items.

    The Head of Sales is responsible for overseeing all sales activities of the company and managing the sales teams.

    Duties of the Head of Sales

    ·         Motivating the sales team to achieve the best results possible.

    ·         Setting activity and revenue targets for members of the sales team.

    ·         Continual training and development of all members of the sales department.

    ·         Attending key meetings with members of the sales team.

    ·         Working on account management plans with the sales account managers.

    ·         Manage Marketing budget and assist with Marketing of company products

    ·         Identifying key areas for improvement in the sales process.

    ·         Spotting market opportunities for new customers.

    ·         Attending monthly meetings with other senior members of the business.

    ·         All aspects of recruitment and selection for the sales department.

    ·         Attending industry events and conferences to generate new business leads.

    ·         Acting as a spokesperson for the organization at sales events and conferences.

    ·         Networking with other directors in order to generate new business for the company.

    ·         Monthly reporting on sales performance against budget and reporting on variances.

    ·         Identify new ways of generating incremental revenue/minimizing expenses for the organization.

    ·         Establishes sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions and territories; projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products.

    Background of the Head of Sales

    ·         Degree in business management

    ·         Previous 2-4 years’ experience successfully managing sales teams ideally from a RETAIL FASHION INDUSTRY.

    ·         Professional sales training would be a strong advantage.

    ·         Proven track record of achieving targets and driving sales growth in a business.

    ·         Strong leadership skills and an ability to inspire sales teams.

    ·         Self-motivated with high energy sales drive.

    ·         Proven track record of closing business by building quality client relationships.

    ·         Creativity to structure mutually beneficial deals.

    ·         Excellent, proven cold call skills.

    ·         Ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritize goals.

    ·         Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.

    ·         Ability to work some evenings and weekends, based on business needs.

    If you qualify for the above role, kindly send your CV to

    Position will be open until filled.

    Only SHORTLISTED candidates will be contacted.

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    Family Media Job Vacancies

    Radio Presenter

    Are you the person we are looking for?

    Do you have:

    ·         a passion for music and for radio?

    ·         knowledge of the Christian Contemporary Music scene?

    ·         At least one year experience as a Radio Presenter?

    ·         A Diploma or Degree or an equivalent in Mass Communication or a related discipline

    ·         Are you a born again Christian and have a passion for Christ?

    Family Radio Production Manager

    Are you mature and have at least 3 years’ experience in the Radio/Media environment?

    Are you conversant with what it takes to develop great radio content that is life changing?

    Do you have a positive attitude and able to work with a team motivating them to get to the next level?

    Are you good at managing people and planning?

    Are you flexible to work late hours and during weekends?

    If yes, then this is your opportunity!!!

    TV Presenter


    At least 2 years experience as a TV presenter

    A Diploma or Degree or an equivalent in Mass Communication or a related discipline

    Be a team player, confident, bold, ability to follow instructions and quick to learn

    Social Media Content Creator

    Family Media is looking for a passionate and creative person to help us achieve our mandate in the position of a Social Media Content Creator.


    ·         Develop content for social media

    ·         Engage with our different audience

    ·         Monitor progress using analytical tools

    ·         Prepare daily and weekly reports for management

    ·         Come up with different social media campaigns

    ·         Respond to questions and comments on the social media platforms

    ·         Take photos


    ·         A good understanding of the main social media channels such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

    ·         Previous marketing/social media experience

    ·         Excellent customer care skills

    ·         Strong communication skills

    ·         Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Marketing, Public Relations or in a related field

    Internship Opportunities

    We are looking for people interested in doing internship in the TV Department in the following areas:

    1.      Camera work

    2.     Production

    3.     As a journalist


    ·         Have at least a Diploma in Mass Communication or related qualifications

    ·         Have positive attitude to the job and be willing to learn

    ·         Must have the basic skills

    ·         Must be a person of integrity, self-drive and passionate

    ·         Must have good and proven track record

    How to Apply

    Qualified and interested candidates for the different vacancies should email a cover letter and a copy of your CV to by 18th January 2019 with the respective job title or internship title as the email subject.

    Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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    Friday, January 04, 2019- We hope you made good money from our tips yesterday as we got all predictions spot on.

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    Friday, January 5, 2019-A 21 year old man who was caught having sex with a goat has defended the bestiality act, claiming  that he had  asked it for permission before sex.

    The young man identified as, Kennedy Kambani, was caught by the owner of the goat, who happens to be his neighbour,  in the act  with the animal.

    At first, he thought Kennedy was trying to steal his goat.

    According to local police inspector in Malawi, where the incidence happened, the young man was arrested and he will be charged with bestiality.

    “The owner Mr. Pemphero Mwakhulika thought Kambani was stealing it. So he alerted the people. When they arrived at the scene they were shocked to see him having sexual intercourse with the goat.” Police Inspector said.
    Kennedy told police that he had asked the animal for permission before having sex with it.
    The goat was grazing in the field when the shocking incidence happened.

    Here’s a photo of Kennedy, the 21 year old man who  was caught having sex with  a goat.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    The Difference between RUTO and RAILA Supporters

    By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka The Banana Peddler.

    If what they say is true that the behaviour of children reflects the character of their parents, then you can easily tell the characters of Raila Odinga and Dr. William Ruto through their supporters. If you want to capture the real characters of Raila and Dr. Ruto, just observe how their supporters behave especially on social media. The behaviour of their supporters shows who between the two can make an excellent President.

    The weird behaviour of Team-Raila shows the fear they have for Dr. William Ruto. You cannot compare Raila camp and Ruto camp. When the Team-Raila Preaches hate against peace, Team-Ruto preaches peace against hate. Look here, when Team-Ruto preaches hope against fear, Team-Raila preaches fear against hope. If supporters of Raila Odinga were clever, they wouldn’t be behaving the way they do now. These people are forgetting that bullets insults they shoot at Dr. Ruto will never change the political equation in a conservative country like Kenya.

    If a Ruto supporter posts in support of his boss, Raila supporters will go ballistic and descend on him with all characters of insults. If a Raila supporter posts Ruto supporters do not give a damn on what they post. When will these people come to terms that the Team-Ruto think tanks have no time for their nauseating Alshabaabic traits? Do they know that karma is a bitch and poetic justice is a bastard?

    As Team-Raila continues to wanton in bigotry and arming itself with millions of insults, Team-Ruto is busily arming its fingertips with a Tsunami of election winning strategies. Unfortunately for Team-Raila, ignorance is a choice.

    Mr. Odinga is a very clever man. He plays on the collective intelligence of his teeming supporters. He is a profound political conman and master manipulator. He is exceptionally calculative when it comes to diverting attention from his moment of travail or decline. He would come out with forceful unprintable statement that will colour the headlines and social media. He also knows that media are at advantage through sensational journalism by airing his antics. His antics are always comic relief to his warped admirers and lovers of entertainment and drama. Raila’s behaviour is beneath the integrity of what Kenya stands for. But Kenyans are wiser these days except for the few wrongly wired and fixated individuals.

    On the other hand, Dr. William is a man of the yeas because is all encompassing. His Presidential traits and decorum are worth mirroring. He is well read, astute and intelligent. He is a graduate from (known) institutions of Higher Learning. Kenyans of instinctual muse like me love this man to the heavens and back. Dr. Ruto is the kind of a man that preaches peace in time of war. He exhibits unmatched tolerance in the time of divisiveness while blazing a trail in diplomacy at the moments of political argy-bargy. His loud silence especially at the time when his enemies call him ugly names mesmerizes all. When they abuse him, he answers them not. As a result, they know no peace.

    HUMILITY, RESPECT and CANDOR are Ruto’s primary credentials that pave way for his blessings, thus making his star shine brighter. He is a great optimist with the interests of Kenyans at heart. Daktari has an unquenchable passion and for every Kenyans to live in a more peaceful environment. To him, “A black plum is as sweet as white” in other words, a Kenyan is a Kenyan irrespective of his tribe, religion, academic divisions and race. They all deserve equal opportunities.

    Now you can tell who between the two will make the best President. You can easily tell who is electable and has endeared himself to the hearts of Kenyans. You can easily tell who between the two Kenyans exudes dangerous intimidatory tactics that will capsize this nation.

    They say "A watched pot never boils" Let us exercise our collective patience because 2022 is still far. When the time comes, the men will face off in a neutral ground and Kenyans will decide which man is worth his onions. Untill then, let peace prevail.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Friday, January 4, 2018-A lady has narrated how she was dumped like a rotten cabbage by the man she loved and thought they would settle down as husband and wife.

    The man did so after he had sex with her.

    To make matters worse,  the guy went ahead and married a lady he had introduced to her as a sister.

    This poor lady thought they were in a serious relationship but the man was just playing around with her heart.

    Once he hit the cookie, he vanished and resurfaced later with a wedding invitation on facebook.

    The lady narrated how she even withdrew all the money she had in her bank account to lend  her boyfriend after he said he was planning to start a business.

    Shockingly, this is part of the money the guy used to finance his wedding.

    Will this lady ever trust a man?

    Read this post where she confessed everything.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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