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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - The Kamba community is associated with witchcraft and a man somewhere is learning it the hard way after he impregnated a Kamba woman and refused to marry her.

    According to Robert Nyakundi, his cousin has gone mad after he knocked up a woman from Ukambani and refused to marry her.

    The lady had warned him of dire consequences if he refused to settle down with her and she has made real the threats.

    The poor man has been running up and down while smeering himself with cow dung and faeces.

    It’s like the lady bewitched him.

    See this post on Kilimani Mums and never joke with Kaos.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - Keroche Industries heiress, Anerlisa Muigai, has give men an up-close view of her humongous derriere and it is chaos on Instagram.

    She posed seductively in a see-through figure-hugging dress that brought out her stunning curves and men can’t have enough of her.

    While sharing the photos she wrote:

    “In exactly one month I will be turning 31. It doesn’t scare me anymore like when I was turning 30.

    “I’ve grown a thick skin and come to do what pleases me and not others. Almost all the years in my 20s I had to follow certain rules but now I am living life by my own terms and doing me,”

    Recently, Tanzanian singer, Ben Pol, declared her loves for Anerlisa after the two were spotted in several occasions having a good time.

    “We are very tight and of course there is a lot of stuff we have planned together. Some of the stuff is private I cannot share. I will not lie to you, she is hot and I love her. She has conquered my heart.” said Ben Pol.

    See the photos below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - A man has narrated a sexual encounter he had with a Bukusu lady that left him in shock.

    The lady’s sex urge was too much, demanding for a dick every time and this left him totally drained.

    They booked a hotel room in Malaba where they exchanged fluids and the lady kept on demanding for a whopper from morning to evening.

    The Bukusu lady identified as Mary Nakhumicha left him with no energy.

    He couldn’t even drive back home after they lady left, forcing him to sleep over.

    Check out this screenshot of the man narrating his sex escapades with the Bukusu lady.
    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday December 10, 2018 - President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to visit Nyanza region this week amid anxiety from locals considering that this is the first official visit to the region since his famous handshake with NASA leader, Raila Odinga.

    Scholars, political and religious leaders in Nyanza are compiling a wish list to present to President Uhuru Kenyatta, who will tour the region on Thursday.

    Among the things the Luos intend to ask from Uhuru, through his ‘brother’ Raila Odinga include revival of the region’s ailing sugar factories and clearing the water hyacinth from Lake Victoria.

    It is said that the list will be handed to Raila who will in turn pass it over to Uhuru.

    According to the leaders, the region’s former major economic boosters - Muhoroni and Miwani sugar factories, now in receivership - need a breath of life from the President.

     “Their closure is a blow to more than 500,000 residents who depended on them for economic and social survival” said MP Onyango Koyoo (Muhoroni).

    Raila assured residents that his unity with Uhuru meant well for the people of Nyanza and Kenya and asked the leaders to keep calm and reap the benefits of the handshake unity.

     “You will see a lot of good things happen in almost all sectors.”

    “All we need is your support,’’ Raila said, urging Nyanza residents to turn out in large numbers to welcome his “brother”.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - This Kenyan woman suspects her husband is having sex with their teenage daughter because he has been behaving in a strange manner, indicating that he might be licking the honey pot of the young girl.

    Apparently, her husband is not the biological daughter of her teenage daughter and the way he has been behaving makes her suspect there is something going on between him and the young girl.

    Is she judging too much or do you also think there’s something fishy happening between her daughter and husband?

    Read the post and be the judge.
    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - It’s only Monday but social media is already on fire with flaming posts.

    This guy doesn’t hold men who perform oral sex on women with high regard and he’s taken to Facebook to give such men a tongue lashing.

    According to him, such men are weak, broke and insecure and that they only go down on their girlfriends to make up for their shortcomings.

    As expected, the post has touched a raw nerve but interestingly, it is ladies who seem to have taken offence.

    Read the post below and see reactions.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - A man has narrated what is happening behind closed doors and complained that his wife is not satisfying him.

    According to this poor guy, his wife only loves massage and touches but when he inserts the ‘real thing”, she complains it’s too painful.

    He recently had sex with another lady and she never complained of the pain his wife keeps on complaining about.

    Infact, she was the one who was demanding for more and telling him to insert deeper.
    Someone help this confused fella.

    Read what he posted.
    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday December 10, 2018 - The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has accused the wives of Governors of being the number one looters of public funds.

    Speaking yesterday, EACC Vice Chairperson, Sophia Lepuchirit, said the County First Ladies have been using IFMIS passwords to access and steal public funds.

    However, she said serving and former Governors will be held accountable if found that their spouses took public funds for personal use.

    "It is against the law for Governors' wives to know details of the County Governments' accounts, leave alone accessing IFMIS passwords," she warned.

    Lepuchirit made these remarks on Sunday during the International Anti-Corruption Day at Meru National Polytechnic.

    On his part, EACC Chief Executive Officer, Halakhe Waqo, told the public to assist the commission to fight corruption saying that graft was bleeding the country and needs concerted efforts in fighting it.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    On Dr. Fred Okeng'o Matiang'i

    Talking of Dr Matiang’i, I have known him for close to two decades.

    I first met him through my friend and colleague Mwenda Njoka who is now spokesman for the Interior ministry.

    Dr Matiang’i is a tough man. He pulls no punches and can argue his case until cows come home.


    But he also has a soft, humane side. I once saw both sides of the man.

    We were driving one late Saturday evening from a place called Runda Mumwe where we’d a common interest.

    We were on a stretch of a dusty road in the middle of two huge coffee thickets near the picnic site, Paradise Lost, off Kiambu Road.

    An old taxi-car had stalled in the middle of the road and Dr Matiang’i had stopped to help the stranded driver.

    That must have been too kind of him. Not many motorists, including myself, would stop in the middle of coffee plantations at night to help a stranger when it could turn out to be a trap by criminals.


    Dr Matiang’i flagged me down and asked whether I had a cable or a rope to enable us pull the stranded vehicle to the main road.

    I didn’t have either. At that point he turned to the stranded driver and said: “Look here my friend, we can afford to lose your car but not your life. So we leave the car here and drop you at the main road from where you can seek assistance.”

    The taxi driver was a bit hesitant. At that point I saw Dr Matiang’i getting ready to grab him by the collar and force him into one of our vehicles.

    Luckily, the driver saw the point before Dr Matiang’i unleashed his temper on him.
    At one time we were in politician John Keen’s study. I remember telling the elder politician that Dr Matiang’i was my boss.

    “No, Kamau, I am not your boss. I am your partner,” he protested.

    The former lecturer at the University of Nairobi was so impressed by the collection of books in John Keen’s library and remarked: “You know you can tell the kind of a person from the books they read~

    As narrated by Kamau Ngotho (Daily Nation)

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - A slay queen from Nairobi’s Kasarani Estate has been exposed as a dangerous thug and she is currently a wanted person at Kasarani Police Station.

    The lady identified as Heather Wanjeri was captured on CCTV stealing another lady’s Samsung s8+ in a beauty shop.

    Besides the robbery incident that was caught on CCTV in a video that has gone viral, the same lady has been linked to other robbery related incidences.

    She pretends to be a God fearing lady but she is a notorious thug.

    See her photos.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - These beautiful ladies had the ultimate revenge on a guy who was messing with them.

    After finding out that the guy was playing them, they did something crazy.

    They decided not to hate each other and instead became a couple.

    They took to social media to share some of their awesome moments together and they seem to be living their best lives.

    “It’s crazy how a guy was messing with us both at the same time, and instead of hating each other we started dating each other,” one of the ladies said.

    See the photos below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday December 10, 2018 - Deputy President William Ruto has hinted at an intensive 2022 Presidential campaign that will thrust him to State House.

    Speaking during a church service at Catholic Christ the King in Bungoma on Sunday, Ruto said he will mount the mother of all campaigns in his bid to becoming the 5th President of Kenya in 2022.

    He noted that his current trips across the country will be nothing compared to his campaigns when the time comes.

    He told his opponents, among them NASA leader, Raila Odinga, and Baringo Senator, Gideon Moi, to prepare for a rude shock in 2022 saying he must become President come what may.

    "I'm yet to start my campaigns because when I start they will be in for a rude shock by the kind of campaigns I will mount.”

    "People should stop panicking about my traversing the country saying it is 2022 campaigns," he stated in reference to his political opponents.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - The proverbial forty days of this married lady reached after she was caught red handed having sex with a mpango wa kando in his car.

    According to reports, the woman’s husband set a trap for them after he was informed that they had been spotted together.

    He followed his wife and her mpango wa kando and his fears were confirmed after he caught the love of his life red handed being smashed in a saloon car that was parked near a thicket.

    The incident happened in Uganda.

    See the viral pics.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - Some people have too much time on their hands because you have to be really idle to come up with the drawing below.

    While it looks like a great piece of art, the fact that the guy’s waiting for 9:15 o’clock tells a lot about the inspiration behind the art.

    This is why they say there is a drop of madness in any great artist.

    Check the photo below.
    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - This randy guy showing off his prowess in the bedroom has set tongues wagging.

    The guy and the lady were simulating sex in the name of dancing in broad daylight - probably during a video shoot.

    However, the guy has wowed many ladies with his crazy antics with some claiming that he must be a bedroom bully.

    Ladies, would you love it if your man had such skills in the bedroom or this is too much to handle.

    Watch the video below.

    Credit: @Tunde Ednut

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018 - Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale elicited mixed reactions after he posted photos of a brand new car that he donated to a Catholic priest in Ikolomani.

    According to Khalwale, the car was a Christmas gift to the priest but Netizens roasted him mercilessly, claiming that he was using handouts given by Deputy President William Ruto to seek political mileage.

    They don’t understand where Boni has been getting all this money he has been splashing around from.

    Check out some of the reactions from Kenyans on twitter after he donated the brand new car to a local priest.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Our shared ambition must be to ensure that such children and all children grow up in the environment most positive and natural for their growth and well-being. These were part of my remarks at the Christmas Luncheon at P.C.E.A's Kangoya Child Development Center in Kiambu.

    It is generally accepted that the family is the natural environment for the growth, well-being and protection of children. Many children in our society are deprived of parental care due to the death of parents, poverty, the impact of HIV and AIDS, disability and other causes. – Raila Odinga

    Blessed to join Raila Odinga when he presided over a Christmas luncheon for disadvantaged children at PCEA Kangoya child development centre in Kiambu this afternoon – Edwin Sifuna

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    Monday December 10, 2018-Rarieda MP, Otiende Amollo, has said the current predicament facing many Kelenjins within the Government is a manifestation of how unfair positions have been distributed by the Jubilee regime.

    In a statement on social media, Amollo was emphatic that if the positions were fairly distributed, then the spirited war against graft would touch corrupt leaders from all the 43 tribes and not just Kalenjins who are currently the most affected in the war against corruption.

    "That many Kalenjin CEOs are facing graft charges is not ethnic targeting.”

    “It is testament to how unfairly the distribution of these plum positions has been, otherwise we’ed be seeing equal opportunity prosecutions across the 43 tribes," said Amollo.

    This comes after Kalenjin leaders warned DPP, Noordin Haji, to stop profiling their community in the guise of fighting corruption.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday December 10, 2018-The Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta has embarked on the process of recovering money and assets believed to have been stolen by various parastatal officials as the war against corruption continues.

    Among the assets being targeted are for those belong to Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) MD, Joe Sang, and National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) MD, Geoffrey Mwangi.

    Others are for the officials involved in the NYS scandal among other scandals.

    The Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) has already identified properties and other assets owned by the senior managers and other suspects facing graft-related charges and is set to swing into action.

    Joe Sang, who is a personal friend of Deputy President William Ruto, was arrested together with Gloria Khafafa, Vincent Cheruiyot, Billy Letunya Aseka, Nicholas Gitobu and Samuel Odoyo, for looting KPC dry.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday December 10, 2018-Wiper Democratic Movement party leader, Kalonzo Musyoka, has said he is keeping his options open for any political realignments in the run up to the 2022 General Election.

    Speaking in Busia County on Sunday during a harambee for Kolait Catholic sub-parish in Teso South, Kalonzo said he will partner with anyone who will approach him with a good deal even if it is Deputy President William Ruto.

    At the same time, the Wiper boss to the defence of Deputy President William Ruto, who has started his 2022 campaigns, saying the holder of the seat is always constantly fought from right left and centre just like he was fought when he became the Vice President.

    “I was the 10th Vice President, but we have had only four presidents. Being a Vice President or Deputy President is really a slippery business,” said Kalonzo.

    “When you hold that office, you are severely fought, pulled down, dragged all over and all other dangerous episodes just to bar you from inheriting the Presidency.”

    Although the 2022 debate is healthy, the former VP said it should not outshine service delivery to Kenyans.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018- This newly minted lawyer has wowed netizens with her stunning beauty.

    The lady took to twitter to celebrate after she was admitted to the bar.

    “Blow this up and put it on your walls..don’t say I never did anything for you people..God is good.” She wrote using the handle @its_mimii.

    While most people congratulated her for the achievement, randy guys started dropping cheesy one liners.

    Whoever said beauty and brains are strange bed-fellows must have been wrong.

    See the photos below and hilarious reactions.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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    Monday, December 10, 2018-A lady identified as Pesh has been recruiting desperate Kenyan ladies into prostitution and mistreating them when they cross her line.

    According to a well placed source, Pesh helps ladies who work in UAE as house-helps to run away from their brutal employers and recruits them to her brothel where they are paid a commission for every client they sleep with.

    In a video that has surfaced online, Pesh is seen assaulting one of the ladies who damaged her laptop.

    The poor lady cries for help but Pesh continues assaulting her.

    We understand that she has confiscated passports of the ladies she has recruited in her brothel and so they can’t fly out of Dubai.

    Here’s an expose on this evil lady called Pesh.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018-There has been so many cases where ladies have reported being sexually assaulted by uber drivers.

    Ladies these days no longer feel safe taking Ubers because they don’t know what might happen to them before they reach their destinations.

    The latest case that shows unprofessionalism among Uber drivers is this of a driver of the taxi hailing App who has caused a stir on social media after he posted photos kissing a client inside his car and bragged that the lady gave him the kiss willingly.

    A spot check on his facebook page proves that indeed this guy is an Uber driver and it’s so unfortunate that most taxi companies don’t do a thorough background check up before employing drivers.

    They end up employing thugs, rapists and prevents.

    In another post, the same uber driver posted a photo ferrying a client and displayed a lot of unprofessionalism  by disclosing what he was discussing via the phone.

    He revealed the client was going to have sex with a woman in Moyale.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

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    Monday, December 10, 2018- Bongo Fleva star Diamond Platinumz suffered minor injuries on Saturday after a dais collapsed during a sold out show in Sumbawanga, Western Tanzania.

    Diamond and his Wasafi crew, were entertaining jubilant fans when the dais gave in.

    From the clip he shared on Instagram, Daimond fell awkwardly followed by Rayvanny as they hyped the crowd by jumping up and down on the wooden stage.

    His security detail quickly rescued him and he continued the performance albeit a bit shaken.

    Taking to Instagram he wrote: “Mchezo Usiuchezee”

    Watch the video below.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST.