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White Magic Is All About Healing And Helping


It seeks to spread goodness and positivity around to ensure peace and wellness. Unlike black magic which is especially meant to cause harm to people, white magic talks of doing good. 

This magic is cast when someone needs help in life.

We all know hard work is important to attain success. But alongside, you will need positive energy around you to clear out the bad air and take yourself towards your great goal. 

However, not always we are fortunate enough to have positive goodness around us. It is in such instances, white magic comes as a lifesaver.

White magic covers a versatile range of spells. The most popular of them are love spells, attraction spells, cure spells, friendship spells, diet spells, dream spells, peace spells and many more.

One common white magic spell is the one that helps you to attract your crush in your life. If you are deeply in love with somebody but he shows no interest- this spell would boost up the positive flow of energy around you so that the cupid strikes his arrow and he falls for you. To do the spell, you would need, one red candle, one pink candle, matchbox, pencil, parchment paper and toothpick.

Inscribe your name on red candle and that of your crush’s on the pink one. Then, light up both the candles with wooden matchsticks. Now, concentrate on the flames and think of your love. Imagine him falling in love with you. Visualize how romantic and lovely it would be to have him by your side. You have to continue with the visualization for half an hour.
Then, you will draw three hearts on parchment paper with pencil. Take up the red candle and pour its wax on it. Visualize romantic moments with your crush as you do that. Then do the same with pink candle. Blow off both the candles once the hearts are completely covered with wax.

You have to continue the same ritual for 7 days. On the 7th day, you will allow the candles to burn out on their own. Make sure to hide parchment paper somewhere safe.

White magic spell is also used to ward off an evil curse. If you think somebody has hurled a bad curse on you, you can perform white magic to negate the curse. As white magic brings in positivity, it is helpful to eliminate hex or negativity around us.

However, you have to be very mindful about the time and rituals and also the chants while casting white magic spell. Some of the spells are safe but some of the white magic spells can be dangerous if not done properly. Thus, always check the ingredients of the spell and also their proportions to ensure a successful ritual.

In regards to the difficulty level, well, there are some really simple spells for all kinds of white magic spells. If you are an amateur, start with the simple ones before proceeding to the complex ones.

For more knowledge call on +254 740637248 and contact at — http://mugwenudoctors.com



Gospel singer EKO DYDDA exposed badly by his SEXY WIFE for being a serial womanizer (LOOK)

Friday, May 24, 2019- It seems Kenyan Gospel artistes cannot catch a break from the numerous scandals making headlines.

From Willy Paul grinding on sexy ladies in a club to the DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid saga, another gospel artiste in Eko Dydda is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

This is after the veteran ghetto rapper was exposed by his wife and mother of his two sons, Cynthia Ayugi, for cheating on her with a friend.

A few months ago, Eko Dydda was reported to have kicked his wife out of their home after she confronted him over an affair with another woman.

According to a reliable source, the award winning rapper is a serial womanizer who cannot keep his zip up.

Apparently, his randy nature has made it impossible for his wife to even hire a house help.

The rapper denied the claims then saying:  “ You know me and the values I hold on family.

My sons and wife are very dear to me.Thosestories are negative energies that I have no time for and hold no substance. Did Jesus ever kick anyone out?  I live a life of positivity,” 

However, his wife took to social media on Thursday where she revealed that the rapper has been cheating on her and she’s not going to remain silent anymore.

 “Breaking someone’s marriage is not Godly. I invited you as a friend, today unasema ambia Eko not to bring me home because love yenu haita grow. It’s not a battle @EkoDydda you don’t have to hide it anymore your ‘Dope’ is free to love you, sometimes it’s healthy to walk away. Na leo ndio ile siku I will not hide it for fame, money. I will stand with the truth and will never lie to people,” she wrote.

The rapper declined to comment when contacted.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

Love spells and money spells


What is the most important thing in life? Some will say money while some others will say love. But the wisest of all will say “both”. Money makes you rich but no one can guarantee that wealth gives you the ultimate happiness. Had it been the case, all the business magnets have been the happiest person on earth. But things are not that way. Love makes living worthwhile but a life without money has its own set of dire challenges. So, we need both actually to enjoy a meaningful life.

Thus, love spells and money spells are two of the most practiced of all love spells. Love spells are those that help to boost your love life while money spells ensure a healthy bank balance for you.

There are various kinds of love spells to choose from. The most popular ones help to bring love in life. If you are madly in love with the cute you saw in your college the other day and want him to fall for you- love spells would be excellent. Then, there are love spells that work to solve conflict between two lovers. Love spells are also practiced to reunite with your ex flame.

One great love spell is herbal love spell. It will help you to find your true love. To do the spell, you need- a small bowl, quartz, rose petals, lavender buds, vanilla bean (chopped), ground cinnamon, damiana root and white paper. You have to perform the ritual on a full moon night. Mix up all the ingredients and place it inside the bowl. Keep half of the mix aside. Now, write down 5 most desired qualities that you want to see in your partner on the white paper. Fold up the paper & put it inside the bowl. Now, add the remaining mix to it. Add on the quartz & put a lid on the bowl. Every night you will open the box and sniff it while visualizing your ideal partner.

Money spells are great when you wish to bring some good cash power in your life. Are you having some monetary issues in your life of late? Well, in that case, money spells would boost up the positive energy around you to ease your route to wealth.

One of the popular money spells is silver bell money spell. To do the spell you would need- three green candles, white/silver candle, pine oil and of course a silver bell. First, you will anoint all the candles with your pine oil. Then, make a nice triangle with the green candles. Place the white one right at the center. Make sure to anoint your hands as well. Now, you will light up all the candles & ring the silver bell thrice. Next, you will chant the spell. It’s a prayer to bring money to your life. After you are done with the chant, get up from the place.

Do not disturb the area and never take up the bell from your altar until you start to see money. Most importantly, let the candles to burn on your own. In a few days, you are going to witness a steady flow of cash luck in your life. For more knowledge call on +254 740637248 and contact at -http://mugwenudoctors.com/

CALL - +254740637248 



RUTO and RAILA in trouble as MUDAVADI reveals his grand plan to winning 2022 Presidential contest-He is unstoppable!


Friday May 24, 2019-Amani National Congress (ANC) Leader Musalia Mudavadi has vowed to give Deputy President William Ruto and NASA Leader Raila Odinga a run for their money come the 2022 Presidential election.

Speaking during an interview, Mudavadi noted that 2022 will be his time to lead this country after sacrificing his bids for Uhuru Kenyatta in 2002 and Raila Odinga twice in 2007 and 2017.

He said he has what it takes to become President in 2022, saying he had shown selflessness thus should be trusted to steer the country forward after the retirement of President Kenyatta.

The ANC leader rubbished the inroads Ruto is making in Western Kenya as meaningless, saying the Luhyas are only interested in his wallet and will not vote for him when the time comes.

“I am not worried about the many visits other people make in Western Kenya region. Some leaders crossing over does not translate into votes. In fact, Ruto should be worried because they only invite him for fundraisers. Those people are only interested in his fat wallet nothing more,” Mudavadi said.


Chinese Ambassador issues a tough warning after meeting DP RUTO-See what the DP told him to warrant such stern warning?


Friday May 24, 2019-Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng, on Thursday, issued a warning to Chinese nationals in the country during a meeting with Deputy President William Ruto.

This is after Ruto complained of increasing indiscipline cases among the Chinese nationals living and working in Kenya.

Speaking during the meeting, Peng noted with concern that their citizens were increasingly being involved in crime and indiscipline cases.

He declared that those found flouting the laws of the land would not only be punished by Kenya but also would face “our own internal measures as China”.

“Our citizens must respect the rule of law in Kenya. They should do the right thing and get permits and licenses where necessary,” he reiterated.

Peng explained that as an Ambassador, he would want to make Kenya-China relations flourish and assured the government of his country’s support and collaboration in development.

On his part, DP Ruto assured of mutual cooperation between the two countries.


This Is How I Caught My Cheating Wife! Don’t Joke With People Like Me!


Last year while scrolling through my wife’s phone, I stumbled upon a message written to her by an unknown man.

I’m not sure how it happened because I normally do not go through her phone. When I asked about the issue, she said she did not know the person. That maybe it was a Kamiti prisoner who was sending random messages. I took her answer as a fact.

A few days later, she received a call from the same number while we were eating. She pretended not to know the man again. This time around, I was furious. I noted the number and called the man.

This is how he responded:

“Wewe kama umeshindwa na bibi utapangwa. Mimi nakusaidia kazi, shida yako ni nini?!!!”

I immediately hanged up and had a serious quarrel with my wife. Knowing that she had now become public property, I wanted to teach both of them a lesson.

I was bitter and wanted to make sure I had disciplined the two. I wanted to do anything to see them cry.

There’s a number I took from one website www.mugwenudoctors.com, which belonged to a man who could make a cheating couple get stuck to each other.

CALL - +254740637248 



UHURU’s political marriage with RUTO is dead and buried and you can take that to the bank-Mt. Kenya leaders now say


Friday May 24, 2019-The political marriage between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto is over.

This was revealed by Mt. Kenya leaders who told Ruto that the region doesn’t owe him any political debt as he keeps on saying.

The leaders, led by nominated MP Maina Kamanda, Kandara MP Alice Wahome and her Murang’a counterpart, Mary Waithira, told off leaders calling for a Parliamentary Group meeting to unite the Jubilee leaders, saying no meeting should be called after the bride and bridegroom part ways.

The leaders, who are allied to Ruto’s team Tanga Tanga, blamed the DP for the break-up.

They also called on the President to rein in Ruto’s Tanga Tanga team in order to cool down the ever rising political temperatures, saying the country is headed for political turmoil.


Love Spells; Magic Spells and Marriage Spells! “I Have Disappointed My Wife In Bed And It Has Almost Ruined My Life!”


For most, if not all men, making their special women happy is usually top priority – they live for it

In Africa, married couples are constantly under pressure to ensure generational continuity by siring a brood of children.

Pressure that man face daily

While women have the crazy task of taking good care of their men from how they look to ensuring they’re well fed and the home and children are in order, men have the heavier task of bringing home the bread and making the wife happy.

A man’s wife may look happy when she’s well dressed, has lovely hair, the bills are taken care of, but the material can never take the place of the emotional bond she shares with her man.

Women crave their men’s attention and love. They also want their men to satisfy them sexually.

For years on end, the problem of impotence, premature ejaculation, and/or inability for some men to satisfy their women in the ‘secret chambers’ has been a source of depression and anxiety, sometimes much stress to the men.

Con artists have taken advantage of this problem by providing ‘remedies’ that solve the problem immediately. However, a lot of the medications, ointments and promising cures have fallen flat on their victims’ hopes. Some get even more physical complications, others even dying after using these products.

Many men continue to drown in their sorrows because they just don’t know how to deal with this either because they fear disclosing the issue, or they fear taking remedies that will make things worse, or not work at all.

A story of John Ndiema who disappointed his wife

John Ndiema from Kajiado is one such man who tried everything he possibly could after he couldn’t satisfy his woman in bed.

“I had a serious problem with my nguvu ya kiume,” said Ndiema.

Most wives find it hard to confront their men about this issue as it would either make him withdraw for good or go out to find a ‘mpango wa kando’ so they prefer to talk to a close friend about it than discuss with their husbands.

Sadly, there are women who end up disrespecting or even ignoring their men because they are ‘weak’ in the bedroom.

“It was so shameful for me because I disappointed my wife so many times it became so scary,” he added. “I don’t even have a child with her.”

If a man’s first sexual experience ended up in quick ejaculation, his woman will always or most times turn you down when the issue of sex is raised.

Men are known to immediately find a way to put an end to this as the women may leave them for other men.

Ndiema made a point of dealing with his mental conflict and physical problem so he started looking for information.

“I had too much thoughts of my wife getting sexual satisfaction from other men,” he said.

Salvation of man’s honour from Dr. Mugwenu

It was then that he rigorously scoured the internet and landed on reviews about Dr. Mugwenu , a herbalist in East Africa whose treatments have worked for many.

Dr. Mugwenu from Kigoma, Tanzania who has experience of over 40 years, says he does research in herbal medicine and uses a variety of local herbs mixed with Arabic and Indian herbs, alongside natural foods diet plan which he calls ‘Lishe Bora’.

“We pick the herbs from our environment more so the great forests, then professionally prepare them in order to help people with different problems,” he added.

The herbalist, who carefully and professionally grows the herbs himself, says he uses these concoctions and natural mixtures to heal people who are suffering from all kinds bodily problems.

He says his herbs heal pressure, diabetes, manhood problems, obesity (cut your body in shape), skin complications, infertility /birth complications, and sexually transmitted infections, among others.

“He gave me herbs and advised me to use together with natural things like honey, simsim and others,” said Ndiema.

Besides physical ailments and diseases, mugwenu says he also solves relationship problems such as those in marriage or even dating, business and work related issues, career and political success and all kinds of protection on assets and family, including bringing back lost relatives.

Land disputes, which are very common among Africans, are also solved by this herbalist.

His charms include magical rings, which he gives his clients to avoid bad debts, get lucky in winning lottery games and business tenders, as well as chase away evil and bad spirits.

Contact herbalist Dr. Mugwenu 

For consultation call: +254740637248

Or drop a line at mugwenudoctors@gmail.com

CALL - +254740637248 



Why Kenyans may be forced to register for HUDUMA NAMBA afresh even after enduring the long queues to get the important number for the first time


Friday May 24, 2019-New Government Spokesman Retired Colonel Cyrus Oguna has announced that some Kenyans who have registered for the Huduma Namba might be forced to repeat the process.

Speaking during his second weekly briefing to the public, the newly appointed spokesman stated that after the mass registration deadline, the Government will compare the data with what they already have in their database.

He noted that those who might have provided wrong ID numbers and birth certificate numbers will be forced to re-register.

According to Oguna, they have information that some people might have used fake documents specifically birth certificates and IDs to register.

“Those with genuine documents have nothing to fear, including those who used alternative identification documents but after the consolidation of the data, if some information does not match you will be required to visit the chief’s office to register again,” he stated.


What is disturbing former Sports CS RASHID ECHESA? See what he has done after the last week’s arrest for funding killer gangs in Matungu?


Friday May 24, 2019-Former Sports CS, Rashid Echesa, has moved to court to demand an explanation why he was arrested, detained and released without any charge last week.

In a matter certified as urgent by the High Court in Kakamega, Echesa is demanding answers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Noordin Haji, Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti, Attorney General Kihara Kariuki and the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai on the arrest.

Through his lawyer James Namatsi, Echesa ordered the court to summon the four to explain why they ordered for his arrest when they had no evidence implicating him in the Matungu killings.

He also wants the four barred from harassing him any further.

“We want to the police barred permanently from harassing Echesa because we believe they have a political agenda,” said Namatsi.

The court ordered the four to appear in court on Friday (today) for mention of the case.


Here’s a PASTOR who has been jailed for 25 years after raping, impregnating and killing a school girl in Kitale(PHOTO).

Friday, May 24, 2019-A rogue pastor has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after he raped, impregnated and killed a school girl.

The pastor identified as, Charles Nyachwara, murdered Scholastica Mmbihi, a 17 year old student at Yuya  Secondary School in July 2011.

Apparently, the young girl  fell pregnant with triplets after the pastor raped her.

The merciless pastor then  hatched a plan to murder the young lady.

He was arrested after the heinous act and later released on bond.

The rogue man of God  fled to Uganda and acquired citizenship  after he was given a bond of Ksh 1 Million and even opened  a church  in the neighboring country.

However, he was nabbed  by Kenyan detectives after being on the run for over 5 years.

A Kitale court has sentenced him to 25 years in jail after he was found guilty of committing the heinous act.

See his photo.


This is why RUTO is looking to finish MATIANG’I permanently before 2022-He is so worried that he will do anything to ensure MATIANG’I is gone


Friday May 24, 2019-Kitutu Chache MP Richard Onyonka has accused Deputy President William Ruto and his allies of plotting to kick out Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i because of his impressive performance rating.

Speaking yesterday, Onyonka said Matiang'i's work rate has made Ruto so afraid that he wants him and President Uhuru Kenyatta gone for good before 2022 General Elections.

According to Onyonka, that the powerful minister could be fronted by Uhuru in 2022 as his successor and that is what worried Ruto.

"Matiangi is a performer and he might be chosen by Uhuru as his preferred successor in 2022, that is why they want to fix him now,” said Onyonka.

At the same time, Onyonka said Dr. Matiang'i is not a thief, adding that those involved in thuggery are known. He took a swipe at Deputy President William Ruto, who he accused of being mentioned in most scandals.

"Those who were selling fake gold were doing their own private business. There politicians who were mentioned in Kimwarer and Arror dams scandal and no action has been taken upon them to date," said the MP.

For the past few days, Matiang'i's name has dominated the media, even though Majority Leader Aden Duale denied secret plot to nail Matiang'i over fake gold scandal.


All that glitters is not gold, See a SEXY SLAY QUEEN who was arrested for drugging and robbing men in clubs(PHOTOs).

Friday, May 24, 2019-A sexy slay queen was arrested after it emerged that she has been drugging men and robbing them in night clubs.

The sexy lady uses her beauty to lure men before hatching the evil plan of drugging them.

According to information shared by Uganda police force, the Kampala based slay queen uses chloroform to drug unsuspecting men in night clubs before robbing them clean.

However,  she has finally been nabbed.

Check out her photos.


WaKikuyu ni moto! Meet NJOROGE, a young man who conned Narok Senator LEDAMA OLE KINA like a fool(PHOTO).

Friday, May 24, 2019- A middle aged Kikuyu man identified as Njoroge has been taken to court after he conned Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina.

According to court documents, the Senator was conned  two months ago after seeing a post on facebook by  a trader who claimed to provide dairy farming services including cowshed construction.

The Senator reached a deal with the trader identified as Njoroge and paid him Ksh 200,000 as a downpayment to construct for him a state of art  cowshed.

A balance of Ksh 120,000 was to be paid after the work was completed but after 2 weeks, no work had began.

Njoroge then disappeared after conning the Senator but he was arrested and taken to court where he denied the charges.

Here's a photo of the cunning Kikuyu conman.


Corrupt Governor FERDINAND WAITITU’s bank accounts shock EACC detectives! See what they found in his accounts-This is hard to believe


Friday May 24, 2019-Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) who are investigating Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu were shocked to find out that accounts operated by the Governor were nearly empty. 

This is even as Waititu has been bragging all over that he is a wealthy man with several high end properties to his name. 

The officers are now probing whether Waititu may have used proxies and immediate family members to transact millions that he has been accused of siphoning from the County Government of Kiambu.

“We are on a trail to establish the unexplained wealth that he has amassed within the short period that he has been in office.” 

"The Governor seems to have embarked on a buying spree of property, without blinking an eye about their prices,” EACC spokesman Yassin Amaro stated.

The Kenyan DAILY POST 

A word for him?Here’s the Nyeri magistrate who jailed a woman for 30 years for trafficking bhang worth Ksh 2,820(PHOTOs).

Friday, May 24, 2019-There was uproar on social media after a Nyeri Court sentenced a woman to 30 years in prison after she was found guilty of trafficking  bhang worth Ksh 2,820.

The accused, Rose Wanjiru, was convicted by Nyeri Principal Magistrate Harrison Adika to serve 3 decades in jail without an option of a fine.

The Netizens unleashed their wrath on the magistrate for giving the woman such a punitive sentence yet corrupt politicians who have looted billions of shillings and done worse things are walking free.

Here are photos  of the Nyeri Magistrate identified as, Harrison Andika,  who sentenced the poor woman to 30 years in jail for trafficking bhang worth Ksh 2, 820.


Shock as RUTO exposes UHURU’s State House badly! See what UHURU and his men are doing to him-No one deserves this


Friday May 24, 2019-Deputy President William Ruto has sensationally claimed that a section of people close to the presidency are keen to have him lose his bid to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

Speaking during an interview with Kameme FM on Thursday, Ruto admitted for the first time that not everybody at State House was comfortable with him, adding that some are keen to see his backsliding.

“We are leading a Government which is bound to have people of different characters. There are those who are sly and cannot be trusted,” Ruto said.

At the same time, the DP maintained that he is not owed anything by Mt. Kenya region, noting that every Kenyan has a right to make independent decisions on their leadership without coercion.

“I have said before and I want to repeat again that there is no region in this country that owes me anything. There is nothing like repaying a debt that some people have been talking about,” said Ruto. 

Last week, media reports indicated that Dr Ruto had a scuffle with Interior PS Karanja Kibicho at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), and the President has since demanded to know what transpired.


Lord Jesus! See what happened to a LADY after she had SEX with a man she met on tinder , Hii dunia ina mambo.

Friday, May 24, 2019-We came across this thread revealing what happened to a lady after she  had sex with a man she meet on the popular dating site, tinder.

Apparently, the lady allowed the man to kum all over her face and what happened after will shock you.

Follow the thread.


Here’s SILAS NYANCHWANI’s beautiful tribute to the late BINYAVANGA WAINAINA that will move you to tears



Look here, guys.

You are born tall. You are born short. You are born dark. You are born light skin. You are born and you can solve math problems. You are born to hate maths. You are born Kamba. You are born Kisii. You are born gay. You are born straight.


You grow up, you decide what you want.

You can choose to be a writer. You can choose to be an engineer. It boils down to ability.

You grow up and develop tastes and preferences. You lack good taste, you pick Manchester United. Nobody questions. You have no football mind, you pick Chelsea. Less work.

You like your women on the plump side. You like yours on the slim side. You like them darker like me. Maybe you like yellow yellow. You have your own sexual styles that work for you, that may be deemed extreme by others, but you are OK. Can you believe that barely a decade ago, oral sex was not as widespread as it is now in your bedrooms?


Religion-wise, you become Christian, Muslim, animist, agnostic, or even choose to be an atheist. It is still within you, of course, and the environment you grow up in to decide how you want to worship your God.

Simply put, there are things we are born into. And there seems that there are those who are born gay. They are there in every country. I know the bible forbids homosexuality, but Christopher Hitchens (famously atheist), once wondered, "If God so much hates homosexuality, then why did he create so many of them?"

What I am saying, today, we lost one of the most brilliant writers.

I still remember how in Form 2, I saw his photo in the Nation, must have been a Friday or a Monday and he had just won the Cain Prize. It was uplifting because even then, we had hopes that one day, we too will win an award. Elusive for now, but may be one day. He opened way for two more Kenyans, Yvonne Owuor and Okwiri Oduor. He created Kwani? Which for a decade up 2013, or thereabouts was one of the most consistent spaces for the Kenyan and African literati. I mean,Chimamanda Adichie is, because, Binya opened the door for her. Through Binyavanga, we met so many contemporary African writers in Nairobi. Kwani? 2010 and 2012 conferences were something to savour. There were the Kwani? Open Mic's. The Kwani oeuvre is rich and we have him to thank.

If one day, I write a novel (I will), I will credit him as one of my inspirations.

I ran into him a couple of times and I interview him in 2013, for an Indian publication.

Nairobi Cool was to do a special on him on our second Male Voices issue (due out in June), after the indomitable Tony Ontita, but have to make adjustments. I will also upload the footage from the interview, it is a bit on the grainy side, and was shot as an afterthought.

Look out for deep reads about his legacy in a few days' time.

I remember we talked about stuff; from African writers to spirituality, to how the country is run like a plantation.

To me, he was a genius, our own James Baldwin and Oscar Wilde. We are only talking about him, because he stood for something. Most of you don't stand for anything that is why you elect thieves, but his homosexuality is the only thing you can talk about.

Read his works and his interviews. And if his sexuality gets in the way, read what he did before he came out.


KIKUYUs though! They are now selling these funny portraits of President UHURU KENYATTA, SMH!!! (PHOTOs)

Friday, May 24, 2019 - Kikuyus are born to be entrepreneurs.

They seize every opportunity to make money.

They have now obtained images from a viral video of President Uhuru Kenyatta where he was caught off guard making some funny facial expressions and made some crazy portraits.

See photos.
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